Kim Kardashian Butt Photos of Thailand Trip

View photos of Kim Kardashian’s Thailand trip, where she was photographed by wearing a thong bikini and showed off her sexy and attractive butt.

Kim Kardashian, American actress, model and fashion designer, has got more fame for its sexy and attractive butt. Recently, she did her photo shoot in Thailand on March 31 and parades her famous curves in a tiny nude thong bikini that highlighted her huge cleavage and also larger rump. In the photos, The "Keeping up with the Kardashians" star proudly shows off her famous butt and sport the nude-colored bikini when she sits on a rowboat and rolls around in the sand. Obviously, it is the hottest pose of her ever. It’s not first time when Kim shows off her hot bumps, but media captures her from last year.

Kim Kardashian sizzling Butt Photos

Benefits to stay at hotel: Know why staying in a hotel is best

Not single but there are several reasons to stay in hotel during tip. Hotel provides more convenience, comfort, great atmosphere and plenty of amenities to make your trip more memorable and enjoyable.

Summer or winter holidays are moment in which people mostly decide to leave the familiar comfort of their homes and go visit something else. To escape from their everyday life, people mostly prefer seaside, the mountains, or countryside to visit. But besides seeing new places, they should also ensure about they have place where they can spend the night and enjoy healthy meal. Unfortunately, vacations are expensive, that's why some people avoid staying in a hotel to save money and consider friends and relatives home for camping and staying; but sometimes it may turn their vacation in to more of a nightmare than relaxing getaway. Price doesn't matter when you want to make your trip more enjoyable and memorable, so choose hotel for staying while traveling instead of relatives or friends’ home because little saving could give you lots of hassle. Staying at hotel offers huge benefits and comfort that are unique to the situation. There are several reasons to stay in hotel - it provide a room to stay and everything that you require for comfort including a bed, television, full bathroom, fridge, and various other things.

staying in a hotel

Hotels are establishments that offer lodging and services to customers in return for payment. They provide everything that we need at some point in life – when you are on the road and in a new town or not able to stay in your home. Every hotel offers different facilities and accommodation, shelter and modern living until you check out. They are also offered with all most all facilities that you expect in your own room. All facilities can surely give you a luxurious and trouble free vacations. Hotels not only offer room but also give you chance to have food, go swimming, watch live entertainments, use Wi-Fi or extra furniture and do much more. Some higher quality hotel provides you access to even more like live and popular musicians and acts. They also provide clean sheets, towels, soap, shampoo and other items to make your stay more comfortable.

Hot Kate Upton zero gravity bikini Photos

Check out photos of 21-year old most popular Kate Upton's gravity free photo shoot that she done for celebrating 50th anniversary of SI Swimsuit magazine.

Sports Illustrated (SI) has completed their 50 years in modeling. On 50th anniversary, SI has come up with new idea to take Kate Upton higher in the air for zero gravity photo shoot! The blond beauty Kate Upton has elegantly completed special photo shoot for Sports Illustrated’s 50th anniversary that will be seen in special edition of the magazine in this year. Kate Upton has posed seductively in photo shoot to show off her lots of signature curves in gold bikini.

Hot Kate Upton performing shoot in zero gravity

Ruth Iorio shared Home Birth intimate photos on net

Ruth Iorio has done home birth of her baby boy Nye, and shared her labor pain time on social site that includes her 12-hour labor, bathing and drinking whiskey sour to reduce the unmedicated labor pain.

Once anyone becomes a star; he/she start finding out the reasons to stay in hot gossip and limelight by doing good or sometimes bad things. Becoming a mother is considered as best ever experience in every woman’s life. But is it really needed to share your labor pain time and birthing process live on social media? Ruth Iorio has published her home delivery process in detail from the instant she goes under that contraction till she gave birth to her baby boy.

Ruth Iorio and her baby boy in hospital

Ruth Iorio (Ruth Fowler) works as screenwriter, author and journalist in Los Angeles аnd London. She graduated from the King’s College in Cambridge and received Master’s Degree in American Literature. She has also got Bachelor's Degree in English Literature.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Railway Stations of the World

Railway Station is a lively place, where thousands of people come to travel different destination daily. It is a place where everybody is in hurry. Some railway stations are always full of hustle-bustle, as they are situated at the railway junctions, the capital towns and the commercial centers. But, some railway stations have become deserted due to reasons like rumors about ghosts, isolated station location, etc. These stations have been abandoned and out of order nowadays. The Top 10 most dangerous Railway Stations in the world, where people do not dare to go, are enlisted below:

1. Pinkenba Railway Station, Australia

Pinkenba Railway Station Australia

The Pinkenba railway station was started on September 3, 1882, in Pinkenba, a suburb of Brisbane city in Australia. This railway station was last stop of the Pinkenba Line, just 9km away from the Brisbane central business district. In 1969, station has turned into rubbish pile and tracks connected to the Pinkenba line were also removed. Although the station was renovated several times, then the station was shut down for public use in 1993. In the mid-2000s, the station has become a rubbish recycling site.

Medco Generics Rx Advantage for Savings in Prescriptions

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A company specializing in health care, Medco provides excellent pharmaceutical services for millions of Americans through its online portal, Medco has been able to rapidly react to emergency circumstances, when patients are in urgent need of drugs with this online portal. Medco has developed programs to assist people in finding bargain options to costly designer medicines that are secure and chemically alike to the originals. At present, it is a Fortune 500 corporation and almost 60 million people ranging from employers, health plans to labor unions, government agencies and individuals are served by this company. Get Mortgage to Make Home Affordable

Making Home affordable program was started by President Obama. This program is the significant part of the Obama Administration's broad strategy. This program is designed to help home owners so as not to face foreclosure. The economy of the United States has been weakened since few years so this program was started to improve the nation's economy and stabilize the country's housing market. There are various MHA programs aims to help landlords in making mortgage payments. Get Mortgage to Make Home Affordable
This program was announced by President Obama on February 18, 2009. Making Home Affordable Program was designed to help up to 7 to 9 million families to overcome foreclosure by refinancing or restructuring their mortgages, interest rate reductions, deferred payment or transitioning out of your home. This program not only helps home owners at risk of defaulting but also protects neighborhoods and communities from being the victim of critical circumstances of failing local businesses, falling home values, and lost jobs. Login Guide for Tirupati Darshan Online Booking is online seva portal for the temple of Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanams. With TTD online seva portal, Devotees can book Sevas/Accomodation online for darshan at Tirumala-Tirupati and also gives donations and e-Hundi contributions to Lord Venkateswara. To get the benefit of the Tirupati Darshan Online Booking service, one can need to login in the site. Using this service, devotees can book different type of darshan including Visesha Pooja, Archanananthara Darshanam, Suprabhatam, Nijapada Darshanam, Thomala Seva, Archana, Tiruppavadai, Astadala Pada Padmaradhanamu, Sahasra Kalasabhishekam, and Kalyanotsavam. Devotees must book Tirupati Darshan seva before 3 to 90 days in advance.

Screenshot of Login Guide for Tirupati Darshan Online Booking

Doutzen Kroes is naughty in Vogue Brazil Photoshoot

The 28-year-old, stunning Dutch model, Doutzen Kroes is the dream of all men. Her naughty side comes to the light as she posed almost naked for the June 2013 issue of Vogue Brazil. She just wore a little more than stilettos and skimpy swimsuits. She looks stunning, beautiful and seductive. The June 2013 issue of the magazine (The Inside of the Ring) is based on the human body and image theme. The photoshoot also includes male model Emilio Flores.

Doutzen Kroes is naughty in Vogue Brazil Photoshoot

Donate for Hungers on

Hunger is a problem that exists in every country and nearly every part of the world. Many of us believe that this problem is confined to small parts of our society only; however the reality is much different. America is the most progressing country so one can not believe that hunger is a problem in America. Nearly 49 million people in the country are struggling with the hunger. There is 1 in every 6 of the U.S. citizens are facing problem to get the proper food. These hungry people are often hard-working adults, children and senior citizens who are unable to make ends meet and are forced to stay without food for many meals or even days. is one of the leading domestic hunger-relief charities of the US. This organization provides food to over 37 million Americans every year. This includes 14 million children and 3 million elderly people. Those who are interested to feed the hungry people may donate to this organization. Donate for Hungers


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