Baby Doll Song is copied from Balochi folk song

Original of Baby Doll Song

It is beautiful Balochi folk song of Pakistan. This is beauty of music. Even you can't understand the lyrics but you can feel the beautiful soul of the music and beautiful voice. Overall it is so good for the ears to listen to such mesmerizing folk songs. The instruments they are using to play are handmade and with the typical Arabic music touch. Balochi song’s earthiness is unmatched. Baloch People are one of the melodious people it’s just another example. Bravo Guys. We should promote such folk talent.

Old but best Memories of our life

Childhood is that stage where all the enjoyment there. No limit and some silly memories, which stay in mind in whole life. Let's check some cool memories of childhood. If you haven't experienced these then, I hope you have wasted your childhood.

All the money, all the success and all you have achieved will mean nothing if you don't remember these little yet magical things from your childhood. Take a stroll down the memory lane as we bring you a few nostalgic moments from the 'best days of your life'!
Old but best Memories of our life

Attention: single v/s taken

Singles always see happiness in taken while taken always see happiness in single, but the trust is that single is happy in day while married is happy in night. Let's check some interesting reality of single and taken.

Single Vs Taken

Technology rocks and politics socks

First time Technology rocks and politics socks. This happnes when an engineer become free from his work. The best answers of each politicians. Hope you will enjoy with these politechical posters.

PoliTechical Posters
Arving Kejriwal's best quote sab miley hue hain in form of MS Word

Photos of ICC World Cup Fans doing crazy things

Check out the image gallery of Crazy Cricket Fans from previous seasons of ICC Cricket World Cup.

Its World Cup season again as the most awaited cricket tournament, ICC Cricket World Cup is going to begin from 14 February, 2015. Millions of cricket lovers eagerly wait 4 years for ICC Cricket World Cup. During this exciting tournament, all the stadiums are packed with spectators supporting and cheering their favorite team. Many cricket fans visit cricket grounds and show support for their favorite team by painting faces, coloring hairs, dressing differently and many more. Let’s take a look at the cricket crazy people who dressed up in a different way during previous seasons of ICC Cricket World Cup to support their team.

Crazy Cricket Fans Photos from World Cup

 Crazy Cricket Fans

Sexiest Ad Photos of New Coca-Cola Milk Product

Coca-Cola has unveiled a new ad campaign to promote its new milk product, 'Fair Life Milk’ featuring Sexiest babes wearing nothing but splashed-on milk.

Promoting a new product with the sexy female models is not any wonder nowadays. In the same way, Coca-Cola is launching its new milk product in the U.S. known as "Fair Life Milk", which is different than regular milk with new commercial presenting naked, sexy pin-ups on scales. According to the Sandy Douglas, the vice president of Coca-Cola, 'Fair Life Milk’ is the premiumization of milk. Company also promises that this new milk contains more protein and calcium and tastes better than regular milk. The company promotes “premium milk brand” with titles 'Drink What Is She Wearing?', 'Better Milk Looks Good On You', etc. Below is a sample of the campaign at work:

Coca cola milk campaign

Top Celebrities with the best Figure Curve

From Beyonce to Kim Kardashian, you will find here all those hot celebrities who have got the perfect ‘hourglass’ figure with killer curves!

There’s no denying that there are several gorgeous celebrities who are strongly admired for their perfect body figure. Their well-shaped hourglass figures are so appealing that they drive both men and women crazy. Women look at them with envy and the men with desire. Sofia Vergara, Scarlett Johansson, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian are just a few names who are having those enviable curves and toned figure. Pictures of fifteen such famous celebrities with damn hot bodies are given below. Check them out and see for your yourself what makes everyone go gaga over these ladies!


The global pop sensation, Beyonce has got an amazing hourglass figure to die for. With such incredible curves and stunning face, it’s no wonder why she is called the hottest & the sexiest diva of all time.

Beyonce red carpet, female celebrities with best bodies, celebrities with best figures

The Reality of Indian Logic

Indians are making progress in every area with their talent and education, but at basic points of life they can not change their so called idiotic Indian Logic.

Reality of any situation is different in each country from what people think to expect. Many times people’s own action at each moment rebels their thinking on any particular topic. India is upgrading at each level, from professional view of people to social views; everything is changing now. While being protective for own mother, sister or wife, man do not hesitate to sexually humiliating any unknown girl with their looks and unspeakable actions. On other side, indian people asked for clean roads but they are not ready to leave it clean by stopping littering at all the historical and important places. Let’s check out reality of Indian logic on different topics.

1, Indians want clean roads and city, but do not hesitate to litter anywhere on highways or any small roads.

Hilarious logic of indians for having good roads

Best Dialogues of 3 Idiots you always love

Movie - whether it is a hit or flop, we always remember some of the quotes and dialogues of it that can make us shock, amaze or laugh. Many movies have memorable dialogues that can inspire us in life. Super hit movie - 3 Idiots has several dialogues that we always love to hear. 3 Idiots is a heart touching movie that makes us laugh and cry again and again. Although many years passed out in release of this movie, we like to watch it again as it shows all the phases of our life that we come across - struggle, hardships, challenges, passion, dreams, success, etc. It has such a great story that you get more and more interest to watch - heavy dose of comedy, true friendship, and complex father-son relationships. Let’s go through here various popular and funny dialogues of 3 Idiots that can be shared with your friends on social media.

3 Idiots movie all time favorite dialogue:

Jahapanah tussi great ho ... tofa kubool karo - My lord you are great, please accept my present.

Jahapanah tussi great ho ... tofa kubool karo

What happens if human do not poop?

Do you have any ideas that what happens if human do not poop? Check out some of the funny things you may regret to miss in life if you can not poop.

Human body works on simple pattern that includes: Sleep, Eat and Poop. Yes, the third thing is as important as another two. We eat our foods, it gets digested in our body and waste gets excreted out of our body. If someone ask you what happens if human do not poop? You will say human will get lots of digestion tract related problems and cause blood poisoning in your body. If person do not poop, then all waste gets accumulated in the colon region and he or she will suffer with constipation. With passing days, colon’s capacity to store waste get reduces and you start getting nausea, headache, fever, vomiting, abdominal pain and other health issues. So, it is not possible for us not to poop and live healthy life. Now besides serious discussions, let’s find out what fun we might miss if we do not poop at all.

funny picture of poop

Of course, you admit it openly or in four walls of room. We spend really special time alone in bathroom while doing one of the important tasks related to human body. Some like to hear songs in the toilet while some like to use their minds to think more creative without disturbance of anyone, and for some weird people toilet is a best place to know about the news of the whole world. When it comes to kids, it’s a first weapon to spend more time in toilet to miss their school bus. Let’s check out what all fun we might not have if we do not poop.


The Best Trilogy Movies/Films ever: