Maja Pavlovic: Hot Photos of Beauty with Brain

Meet the world’s ‘sexiest’ politician - Maja Pavlovic, 23, who is also a medical student and winner of European leg of bikini contest in Spain.

Medical student Maja Pavlovic is a hot lady having a killer body, and you will be amazed to hear what work she really does for a living. Besides being a trainee cardiologist and a beauty contestant, she is also a politician for the ruling Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS). After winning a medal in the European leg of the Women's Bikini Fitness Contest in Spain, this Serbian heart doctor swamped with patients feigning illness. You can see in photos, she appears bare-bottomed, with platform stilettos and posing semi-naked in a doctor’s uniform.

Medical student Maja Pavlovic

Ann Kathrin Brommel Hot Photos

Mario Gotze’s sexy WAG - Ann Kathrin Brommel is a model, singer and blogger. Take a look at the hot photos of this gorgeous model and get ready to be jealous of her amazing figure!

The Bayern Munich star - Mario Gotze scored Germany’s winning goal at World Cup 2014, but do you know the first person who greet him at the end of the match? His stunning lover - Ann Kathrin Brommel was the first on the pitch to congratulate Gotze with a kiss after scoring the winning goal for Germany during the final 2014 FIFA World Cup match between Germany and Argentina at Maracana on July 13 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Everybody wants to know about this hot WAG and there were numerous football fans Googling ‘Mario Gotze's beautiful girlfriend’ after WC final. So, here are some facts about Ann Kathrin Brommel with her hot pics.

Ann Kathrin Brommel Photos

Ann Kathrin Brommel, also known as Ann-Kathrin Vida, was born on December 6, 1989 in Emmerich, Germany. She is 5 foot 7 inches tall, has blue eyes and brown hair. She is a gorgeous model who has been featured in GQ Magazine, FHM Magazine and Germany’s Next Top Model, throughout her modeling career. Since her young age, she has been practicing musician and also knows how to play the piano. She is a fan of James Arthur, Harry Potter, and dreams of being a Victoria's Secret model. She has released various songs as a singer in recent years; with the most famous being "This Is Me" and "Body Language". She runs a personal blog, where she writes about all sorts of things like music, fashion, and themes around the world. login Guide to View Stock Alerts and Build Portfolio

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ABM Online Pay Advice portal give advice to ABM employees

Chilean Jhendelyn Núñez: Wiki and Hot Photos

Check out wiki and sexy photos of Chilean Journalist Jhendelyn Nunez who is in spotlight by showing off Chilean themed bra in press room of FIFA world cup 2014.

No matter if it is any breaking news or international game, every one tries to come in limelight by doing idiotic and some time creative out-of-the world kind of actions. Many people do weird acts and get negative popularity to get highlighted in media. The list of these kind of spotlight loving people is very long and one new person namely Jhendelyn Núñez have joint the community of people who can do anything for sparkling spot light. Jhendelyn Núñez is a model cum show woman who has been hired by one Chilean media channel to cover 2014 Football world cup.

Chilean Jhendelyn Jhendelyn Nunez is lifting her t-shirt to reveal her bra in press room

How Lowe's Appliance Repair Service Works?

Save your hard earning money and make your electronic appliance working again perfectly by calling at Lowe’s customer care for Lowe's appliance repair service.

No matter how costly and branded electronic appliance you bought, it’s working will going to fail on one or another day. It is not at all needed that for small piece of problem in your appliance, you just sell it and get new one. Sometimes repair service of professional technician can help to improve working of your old appliance and also save lots of money. Considering this, Lowe’salso offers appliance repair service for refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, computer, television, washing machine, etc.

Lowe's Appliance Repair Service for all types of electronic appliances

Meet the New Born Baby with 4 Feet and 4 Hands

Read the story of a Chinese baby boy born with four hands and four feet, while his extra limbs have been removed successfully by surgery.

Recently, a woman in China gave birth to miracle baby with four feet and four arms. The infant, born in Guangdong Province on April 2, had an extra set of arms and legs on the right side of his body. Later on 11th of April, doctors performed the delicate surgery on the 10 days old baby to remove superfluous limbs from him. Fortunately, the surgery was a success, and the baby is now in stable condition at the Guangzhou Women and Children's Medical Center in Southern China. But as the baby was diagnosed with pneumonia and congenital heart disease (common among infants in China), he is expected to spend an undetermined amount of time in the hospital.

A nurse attending the baby with extra limbs

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How to Repair Appliances from GE Appliances Repair Service?

Have any problem with your GE Appliance? Try troubleshoot, browse support videos, schedule repair service with a qualified technician, order for replacement part, everything… online. Checkout full details regarding GE Appliances Repair Service given below and get solution very quickly and easily.

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GE Appliances Repair Service

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How Sears Appliance Repair Service Works?

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New generation electronic appliances works on various kind of system based on gas, flame, and spark ignition system. So, whenever your electronic products did not work proper and if you think it needs some repairing work for better performance; do not try yourself to fix it as you might make it worse. These new generation highly smart electronic appliances need the hand of a professional technician to work. Sears provides you affordable home repair services from the service technicians who have up-to-date training on gas and electric based appliances of various brands such as Kenmore, Amana, Jenn-Air, and more.

Sears Appliance Repair Service best for all kind of appliance reparing

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