Women give birth to 11 babies at once

On 11/11/11, an Indian woman gave birth to 11 babies, that too on the same time. It is an incident of 21st Century Hospital & Test Tube Baby Centre at Surat. All the babies were boys, among which six were rumored to be twins. It may be a miracle or a blessing that all the babies were healthy and the mother was safe as well. Whatever it was a blessing or something else, it was a moment of surprise, shock and happiness for the mother as well as for the team of doctors and nurses.

A Woman gives birth to 11 babies at once

According to medical science, multiple births can occur either in natural causes, like if the woman ovulates more than one egg per month, in such a case all of them can be fertilized, or if she produces just a single egg, but it splits shortly after fecundation resulting in multiple embryos. Nowadays multiple births are very frequent due to infertility treatments like In Vitro Fertilization, in which more than one fertile egg is implanted in the womb, in a hope that the body will accept at least one of them. Moreover, fertility drugs may cause multiple egg ovulations, therefore multiple babies.

But is it possible to have multiple births at the same time and the babies being healthy. Let us take a look at some cases of multiple births from the history. In 1997, the 1st case of surviving healthy septuplets (seven babies) was recorded in the US. 4 boys and 3 girls were born with weight ranging from 3 lbs and 4 ounces to just 15 ounces. Unfortunately, the smallest baby was the only one who had no permanent health issues, and 2 of the babies had cerebral palsy. In 1998, a set of octuplets (eight babies) were born in Houston, Texas. The 1st set of the babies was delivered fifteen weeks premature, whereas the remaining twins were left inside the womb and then delivered by a Caesarean section after 2 more weeks. Ironically, the smallest of them died after a week only. The remaining 7 are healthy and alive.

In 1999, 9 babies were born to a Malaysian woman, but sadly within 6 hours of living all babies died. In 1971, a woman conceived more than 15 babies, and delivered them all with multiple Caesarean sections, not at the same time yet. But, all the babies died after birth. Nearly, all of the reports of multiple births of babies beyond octuplets had sad endings. In fact, multiple babies mostly involve medical issues sooner or later. Even if the babies are delivered alive, they may end up suffering from different disorders due to their crowded life in the mother’s womb.

So, the actual story of the 11 babies goes like this. On 11/11/11 which is considered an auspicious day, 11 women who had conceived through Invitro fertilization (IVF) Treatment, at the 21st Century Hospital & Test Tube Baby Centre, were delivered by an elective Caesarean section by Dr. Pooja Nadkarni, Dr. Purnima Nadkarni, Dr. Kishore Nadkarni and Dr. Aditi Nadkarni. All of them were test tube babies. All the babies were born on the same day and hence all of them were lined up for the picture.

Video of World record !!! A woman born 11 children once 6 feb 2012 from youtube:


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