Affin Bank online Banking: Internet Banking without Barriers

Banking system has been also changed with the time. It is no longer used to be a great hassle like before. Now-a-days, people are not required to visit bank and stand in queue to carry out their banking transactions as internet has made banking very convenient. With the help of internet, people can carry out banking transactions such as check balance, paying bills, apply for a bank loan, transfer funds, order debit cards, monitor your stocks & investments, etc. with a click of a mouse from the comfort of their home or office. Almost all the banks provide online service to their customers. Affin bank also offers online bankingservice to manage all the banking transactions from anyplace 24 hours a day.
Affin Bank online Banking: Internet Banking without Barriers

Malaysia’s smallest anchor bank, Affin Bank was previously recognized as Perwira Habib Bank. Currently, the bank has more than 82 branches throughout the world and offers banking & financial services for retail and corporate customers. Affin Bank provides online Banking without barriers which means no boundaries within the Bank’s processes and in its attitude in customers service. Banking without barriers can be viewed from the counterless banking halls of Affin bank.

Affin Bank online banking service is fast, secure, easy and convenient way to manage all the banking transactions. 2 types of internet banking are provided by Affin Bank, such as Retail and Corporate Internet Banking. To take advantage of internet banking service, you have to register and sign up to the website. As you get registered, you can transfer funds between different accounts, pay bills, view your account balances and send service requests to the Bank anytime.

Retail Internet Banking

Retail internet banking services can be used by all the users who have credit card or current, fixed deposit, loans, hire purchase or savings account with the bank. Even the joint account holders can use internet banking services. You can access retail internet banking services from 4 a.m. to 11.45 p.m.

Retail Internet Banking Services
  • Account
    • Account Summary
    • Account Statement
    • Account Details Enquiry
    • Internet Transaction History
  • Personal Finance Manager (PFM)
    • Networth
    • Personal Category List
    • Transaction Search
    • Maintain Registry for PFM
    • Reports
  • Transfer
    • Transfer Maintenance
    • Interbank fund transfer
    • 3rd party funds transfer
    • Funds Transfer between your own accounts
  • Payments
    • Loans Repayment
    • Bill payment
    • Credit Card Payment
    • Payment maintenance
    • Hire Purchase Repayment
  • Remittances
    • Foreign Currency Telegraphic Transfer
    • Banker’s Cheque
    • Foreign Currency Demand Draft
  • Services
    • Stop Cheque Request
    • Cancel Bankcard
    • Issued Cheque Status Inquiry
    • Fixed Deposit Placement
    • Cheque Book Request
  • Utilities
    • Change Account Preferences
    • Update Contact Information (address & contact details)
  • eShare
    • CDS Maintenance
    • eShare Application

Corporate Internet Banking

Corporate internet banking helps you to meet up with your business and corporate banking needs by allowing you to carry out business and corporate account transactions from anywhere. Users having limited companies, private limited and other businesses & non-business organizations current accounts can use corporate internet banking services. You can access corporate internet banking services from 7am to 11pm.

Corporate Internet Banking Services
  • Repay loans
  • View Loan balances
  • View Cheque status
  • View Fixed Deposit
  • Request cheque book
  • Pay bills
  • Payroll (Autopay)
  • Request stop cheque
  • View Current Account
  • Apply for Banker's Cheques
  • Intrabank & Interbank transfer of funds
  • View Past Current Account statements
  • Apply for Funds Transfer (Local and Foreign)
  • Apply for Foreign Demand Drafts

Affin Bank online Banking login and registration:

To use Affin Bank internet banking services, you are required to create an account at website. To make an account with the website, visit and click on “First Time Login”. For Retail internet banking, enter 16-digit access card no (printed on your Affin Bank bankcard/ Credit Card or Virtual Card) and PIN (created at the ATM or Internet PIN Mailer got from the branch) as well as click on “Activate” button. Now create username and password as well as hit on “Confirm” button. A series of questions will appear, answer them and press “next” button. These answers will help you if you forget your password. For corporate internet banking, after clicking on “First Time Login”, you have to enter Company ID, Virtual card no and pin as well as hit on “Submit” button.


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