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AKO is the Army portal and main part of the Army Knowledge Management. Login at Webmail.us.army.mil to view messages and work with group of messages.

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AKO stands for Army Knowledge Online, which offers corporate intranet services to the United States Army and the US Army's single enterprise web portal. The Army enterprise is provided with email, directory services, portal, single sign on, blogs, file storage, instant messenger and chat by AKO. Army web assets, tools and services worldwide can be accessed through an account, which is contained by all members of the Active Duty, National Guard, Reserves, DA Civilian and select contractor workforce.

Retirees and family members are also entitled to accounts. AKO is required for today's conflicts, due to AKO is a driving factor in the ongoing transformation of the US Army into the agile, network-based force. AKO has 2.2 million registered users and it is to allow all Army personnel, both soldiers and civilian contractors, access information wherever and whenever required.

When you visit AKO Webmail, you will see navigations such as Inbox Tab or Folder tab, Sent Tab, Deleted Item Tab, and Drafts Tab.

  • Inbox Tab or Folder tab: This tab is used to view and work with group of messages.
  • Sent Tab: This tab is used to view a copy of the individual messages sent to people from your account.
  • Deleted Item Tab: This tab is used to view all deleted messages and folders. You can recover deleted messages and folders from the Deleted Item contents.
  • Drafts Tab: This tab is used to save drafts of long messages before you send them to ensure that your work is not lost if you encounter an interruption before you send the message.

Features of AKO Webmail:

Compose: To create a message.
Get Mail: To receive new messages.
Search Messages: To find messages matching your search criteria.
New Folder: To create folders and file messages in them.
Refresh: To update the list of folders and email messages displayed in the Folder page.

The Mail component of AKO Webmail is a web-enabled email client. You can use Mail to do the following:

  • Create and edit a list of stored personal email addresses for regular recipients of your mail.
  • Manage email, with an Internet connection and a supported browser, from any computer with Internet access.
  • Use folders to organize and manage your messages.

For more information about webmail, visit at URL: https://webmail.us.army.mil/en/help/getstart.html#wp35413

AKO Webmail Login:

Screenshot of login page of AKO Webmail:

AKO Webmail Login  - Webmail.us.army.mil

For logging in at AKO Webmail, visit wmlogin.us.army.mil. Read all conditions and click on “I accept” option and arrive at login page. On the login page enter your username and password and click on “login” button.

Source: https://webmail.us.army.mil/en/help/getstart.html#wp35413


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