Black Pearl Restaurant New York

New York City Restaurant Black Pearl

"Black Pearl", which is located in the heart of the city hint waterfront, Newport is one of the best known and best loved restaurants.

"Black Pearl, Bannister's mole, is open seven days a week. Seasonal closed 3 Sjecanja-February 12.

Restaurant Black Pearl Scene

Unbelievably high roof collapse the slack Seafood live theme, played below. The long, brightly lit room of approaches to shocks and its walls of red and yellow breadboard, and a lot of calm, which is a suburb of the scene in wooden booths and tables. Near the entrance is a restaurant-bar in the importance of a Faux-shingled roof and the North Atlantic BRIC-A-Brac.

Black Pearl Food

The lengthy menu, seafood favorites, almost seems out of place, the route 26 dirty Street. Still, that the oysters are fresh: Special West Coast Kumamotos tastes especially rich and salty, while the local Blue Notes provides mild aftertaste. The filled-to-crack lobster roll, served from top to cut the hot dog buns, please purists its inclusion lobster, Mayo, and nothing else. Fish and chips, but disappoint the cod stock cornmeal coating quickly lose crunch. Missing New England shores? Clip, dentist-style overalls and dig a trio of steam lobster, mussels and clams.

Black Pearl was nominated by Time Out Magazine as the best seafood restaurant in New York!

Restaurant Profile :

Price : $$
Cross Street: 6th Avenue
Directions: R, W at 28th St; F, V at 23rd St
Hours:Daily 11:30am-3pm, 5pm-12am

David how many more days can

David how many more days can you run the restaurant? I know you are in on the route to bankruptcy.. Stop being an idiot and save your ass while you still can.

David is a goof who got owned

David is a goof who got owned by Ramsey...the best part is the arrogant dumb jerk-off has all his friends watching some brit rip him apart on national TV

I will not be visiting the

I will not be visiting the black pearl. I'm guessing the new menu Ramsay introduced didn't stick due to the cowardice of the majority owners, so not only is the management a ridiculous farce, but I can also expect the food to be bad.

Why support bad business and bad food when great restaurants like Maze is a taxi away?

I just saw the episode on The

I just saw the episode on The black Pearl WOW!..David's an ass..I will never eat at this restuarant! Whatta dickhead..and stupid too.

Saw that episode also and had

Saw that episode also and had to check out the web site...Yes David is an ...I hope he is gone from long....canadian lobster is different from maine lobster you i.....t...

OH MY GOD.. I just saw this

OH MY GOD.. I just saw this episode and I am STUNNED and what an egotistical, puerile arrogant TWAT that David idiot is!! ROFLMAO! Is he for real?? He's made such an unbelievable fool of himself - hahahahahahahahaha

no kidding! whatta dumbass

no kidding! whatta dumbass dickhead..I'd never go to HIS restuarant..I can't believe what he posted on the restuarants website..very unprofessional! geez!

Everyone who has seen this

Everyone who has seen this episode of Kitchen Nightmares should never go to the Black Pearl! I cannot believe what a complete "asswipe" David is! I use "asswipe" because this is how David refers to Chef Ramsey on the Black Pearl's sad excuse for a website.

I have just watched the

I have just watched the episode of Kitchen Nightmares aired in the UK about the Black Pearl. I was immediately interested in whether the restuarant was still up and running so looked online for a website. I was appalled when I found it. So you had a personality clash with Gordon Ramsay but hell, was the guy wrong in what he said? I THINK NOT! Does this justify what has been written on the site? I THINK NOT! If this was posted by David then it just confirms what Gordon said all along, you're a f*****g prat.

I think their website is

I think their website is disgraceful. While Gordon Ramsay may be involved in a controversy, to plaster it on the front page of your website and use language like "asswipe" is highly unprofessional.

Quite sad when a restaurant thinks they're good enough to do something like that.

wow wow ---yes David is

wow wow ---yes David is seriously in need of Psych. help. The restaurant had potential after the show, NOW well, it all went to hell... David, as Chef Ramsay said, does not have passion for the business--go away and make peace with yourself---PLEASE, leave it to Greg to run the business. He can bring this business back on track. Remember americans do luv the underdog---spin it around Greg--and you are a good looking dude too :-)

Gordon Ramsey is a top

Gordon Ramsey is a top British chef with 12 successful restaurants to his credit. He offers constructive criticism (albeit rather blunt) in a concerted effort to take a failing business and turn it into a success story for all those involved. I note he includes the staff in the journey towards that success. The owners need to leave their overinflated egos on the doorstep and embrace, with humility, the chance to accept professional help where it is so obviously needed. In these tough financial times is there any room for opinions and ideas that have been proven to fail? Come on ... give the Great British Chef his due. WATCH,LISTEN, LEARN and INWARDLY DIGEST! At least for the benefit of your clientele?

Is this restaurant still

Is this restaurant still opened? I looked at the website and was confused.

yes i think it is a very good

yes i think it is a very good site.
I am from Nepal and also now'm speaking English, please tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "Posts.. Author.. Last post.. Military."

:D Thanks in advance. Amando.

I really do hope that Greg is

I really do hope that Greg is now an extremely successful restauranteur, what a lovely person who appeared to be trying really hard !- David - what a pathetic old man, sitting on his computer regurgitating gossip on his own website about Gordon Ramsay. How sad is that using your own restuarant's homepage as a place to bitch about someone who is so far out of your league it is not funny. GET OVER IT. Suck it up if you want to play with the big boys or go home.

yes I am aware of the irony with me whinging about someone else online too :)

F*ck you you f*cking f*ck

F*ck you you f*cking f*ck

Hello David, you still suck!

Hello David, you still suck!

Check out the Black Pearl

Check out the Black Pearl official website. It puts down Chef Ramsay and the tv show. It also does not even mention that Greg runs the place at all. I think Greg got out of there and is hopefully on to better places. David came off from the very first as an idiot. What a waste.

I saw also the Kitchen

I saw also the Kitchen Nightmare episode and David appears to be a jackass! I also noticed that he gives Chef Ramsay no credit for the help he gave them. David truly is a ungreatful man as Gordon called him. what a Loser!

Yeah i saw kitchen

Yeah i saw kitchen nightmares. David is a total DOUCHE BAG. what a loser that guy is i would love to see him put in his place more often and dissed in front of a huge crowd of people. They should just make a t.v show and call it the roast of david to make fun of him and show the world how much nobody likes him. from the reviews of the restaurant it seems like the food is pretty bad and slow bad service. Next time i'm in new york i will be sure to make an appearance and sent back as much food as i can compliments of david being an asshole!

I think it's sad. . .looking

I think it's sad. . .looking at the website it appears that Greg has left the Black Pearl and arrogant David is still owner. . .Shame the website does not mention Gordon at all for helping relaunch the restaurant. After seeing Kitchen Nightmares I have no interest in supporting this venue.

just saw kitchen nightarmares

just saw kitchen nightarmares and had to check.... is david out?! i hope greg buys out the freaks... what a joke! that poor man... and i'm sure david is sad and unhappy because david is the ugliest of the three owners.... go greg!

I looked at their website and

I looked at their website and I was truly disappointed and disguised.

For a company that has been lucky enough to get so much help their presentation in other areas needs to be improved greatly.
Hire a graphic designer guys! Your website is complete crap.
Hire a college student who is studying photography or just hire a professional photographer to do a whole shoot of your restaurant and menu.

If you want to be taken seriously you need to look professional in all aspects of your business. Not just the face inside the restaurant.

Just saw this restaurant on

Just saw this restaurant on kitchen nightmare and David is an arrogant wanker.
I wouldnt be able to work with him,he is condesending and a know it all,and has no interest in the restaurant.



WHO? wrote this definition of

WHO? wrote this definition of your restaurant? It reads like an idiot did! Maybe, it was David?


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