CelluFun: Login to CelluFun.com to play free games on Mobile and PC

CelluFun.com is a website where you can play free games on Mobile and PC by logging in. Cellufun is based on Wall Street in New York City. Cellufun is one of the world's largest mobile communities where people socialize, play games, and buy virtual goods for self expression, gifting, and for competitive advantage. From all over the world people can access the Cellufun platform on any mobile network, on any phone, and in more than 10 languages to create personal avatars, compete, collaborate, chat, and celebrate special occasions.

This company was founded in 2005 by Stephen Dacek, Arthur Goikhman and Cary Torkelson. For several years, the company relied on advertising as its sole source of revenue. In mid-2009, Cellufun added a new revenue stream by introducing a premium virtual currency called "FunCoins" to compliment the existing "earned" point system called Cellupoints.

In addition to producing award-winning original games, Cellufun partnered with major media companies such as AOL to deliver world-class branded entertainment. With over 200 million monthly page views, Cellufun offers a unique brand-building opportunity for media, marketers and agencies seeking to broaden their reach to the ever-present "third screen."It also works with agencies and advertisers to design customized mobile marketing solutions that provide an unprecedented level of brand interaction and immersion.

Cellufun associates with mobile operators, mobile device makers, and media companies such as AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, MetroPCS, Virgin Mobile, RIM, AOL, and USA Today to deliver branded entertainment and custom-designed mobile marketing solutions.

How to log in at CelluFun.com?

M.cellufun.com is a website of cellufun game. At this website you will find two navigations which are called ‘Login’ or ‘Join’. At that time you should click on ‘login’ if you are already registered your name their. By entering ‘Screen name’ and ‘Password’ anyone can play the games without paying anything. And if you haven’t any account then click on ‘Join’.

After clicking on ‘Join’, create your avatar and get 100 Fun Coins. You have to select these like Sex, Skin, Eyes, Hair color, Hairstyle, Shirt. After that enter the below given blanks like Choose your screen name (4-20 letters & #s) and a password, Birthday, Mobile Number, E-mail ID then, click on ‘Join’ bar.

Over their, you will get icons like Free Games, Find Friends, FunFlirts, My Home, Find Groups, Chat, What’s new, Shop, Get FunCoins. After clicking on above mention things you can Invite a friend and earn Funcoins.

Following are the Categories of Game:

  • Hot Games
  • Social Games
  • Board Games
  • Casino Games
  • Brain Games
  • Mobile Pets


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