Charles Krauthammer Paralyzed after Accident

Charles Krauthammer is Paralyzed in a terrible accident of 1972

Charles Krauthammer Paralyzed after Accident

Charles Krauthammer is a doctor of psychiatry, political commentator and a columnist and achieved great success in the above field and won an American Pulitzer price in 1987. He was born on March 13th, 1950 in New York. As a columnist, he appears in publications at Washington post and syndicated in more than 200 newspaper and media outlets.

Charles Krauthammer became paralyzed in a terrible accident which occurred in 1972 at  medical school since he had to take a wheelchair. The people who are the fan of him say that he is one of the most prominent Americans having disability. They don’t know whether he is in wheel chair or not but they know only his work. Even once Charles has never mentioned his disability. Though he was paralyzed, he continued his work and graduated with first class and went ahead in his career of politics and medicine. He was then in the support of political issues.

The achievements of Charles in his golden days of life are as follows: 

  • 1970: He obtained a first-class honors degree in political science and economics from McGill University.
  • 1971: He was a Commonwealth Scholar in politics at Balliol College, Oxford
  • 1975: After Paralyzed, He got MD degree from medical school at Harvard University and worked as psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital.
  • 1978: He took medical practice in psychiatric research for the Jimmy Carter administration and began contributing to the magazine.
  • 1980: He was a speech writer to Vice President Walter Mondale.
  • 1981: He began his journalist career as a writer and editor by joining The New Republic magazine.
  • 1983: In Time magazine he began to write essays.
  • 1984: He got "National Magazine Award for Essays and Criticism” in his new republic magazine.
  • 1985: He began a weekly column for the Washington post.
  • 1987: He got a Pulitzer Prize for commentary in America.

Krauthammer was said as the most influential commentator in America by the magazine," the Financial Times". Further more it was added that he influenced US foreign policy for more than two decades in 2006. In his life charles had made several good achievements having paralyzed and by sitting on the wheel chair.

Dr. Krauthammer, Have watched

Dr. Krauthammer,

Have watched you on TV for years and didn't know you were paralyzed and a Medical Doctor/Psychiatrist. Recently read about it in an article about you. I've always admired you. You "tell it like it is" and you're always right on target. God bless you and keep up the GOOD work you are doing.

Dr.K leaves me spellbound by

Dr.K leaves me spellbound by his wisdom and forseight. I wish we had more like him especially in the whitehouse and congress. God Bless You. Cathy Smith

I so look forward to Bret

I so look forward to Bret Baire's news at 5:00 just because I know that Dr. Krauthammer will be enlightening the public on the truth of the matter. I am so glad that I watched the end of the year broadcast because he was on for the entire hour. I think he needs his own program like Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly. Keep up the good work.
Jasper, AL

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I would like to ask Dr.

I would like to ask Dr. Krauthammer, whom I admire greatly, when did he become conservative in his views, or why. I ask this having observed that the great "majority" of Jews in the U.S. lean to the left and many, quite heavily at that.

I wonder whether having gone to Israel when he was young and observing the creation of a new democracy and the citizenry there having to fight for their freedom on a daily basis, has put Dr. K on the right of politics because those on the left seem so effete and unwilling to fight for freedom.

What an amazing inspiration!

What an amazing inspiration!

Dr. Krauthammer is perhaps

Dr. Krauthammer is perhaps the most intelligent and objective commentator in America.
E. William McGrath, Jr. MD
Fernandina Beach, Florida

Charles Krauthammer is a

Charles Krauthammer is a sanctimonius self-righteous drivler.

only small minded ignorance

only small minded ignorance can explain that comment. I wish liberals would just move to Cuba

You may want to learn how to

You may want to learn how to spell.

Everyone I know that have had

Everyone I know that have had the priviledge to read or listen to Mr. Krauthammer are enveloped in them.
George Wideman
Brilliant, Al..


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