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Today is 20 April ,which marks the last ten years anniversary of the Columbine tragedy , generated on 20 April ,1999. The incident is an indelible imprint on history and changed the way America looks at various aspects, in particular, bullying, weapons, and U.S. security in schools.

Columbine Crime Scene Photos1

In the case of Columbine, but there was an accident release of photographs at the scene of the crime, which led to much discussion. Represent the total impact of Columbine and showed the brutality of his death to victims. In total, fifteen people were killed twelve students, a teacher, and the two authors, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.

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Although family members and relatives of the dead were offended at the release of crime scene photos of Columbine, which continue to circulate on the Internet. The problems and concerns I have with respect to whether these images is to help young people to the reality and horror of such acts of crime or both promote greater violence.

There is no doubt that this crime photos is painful for the victim's family, and knowing that ten years after the crime, they can easily access must be annoying, especially since it is never released.

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I personally took me to see tears in the victim's face or a photo of a cafeteria inquietantment empty, no need to see the complete picture of the horrors of death to understand the scope of murder, or who feel for the victims and their families.

Names of the victims of Columbine are Cassia Bernal , Steven Curnow, DePooter nuclear , Kelly Fleming, Matthew Kechter Maus , Daniel , Daniel Rohrbough, William "Dave" Sanders , Rachel Scott , Isaiah Shoels , John Tomlin,Lauren Townsend, Kyle Velasquez.

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You Tube visitors quick access to videos of Columbine, including security cameras of the traits that would otherwise not be seen by the public.

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