Different Types of Vaporizers with Different Uses

There is different type of vaporizers according to their different uses. These types are such as;

Portable glass vaporizes; the vape bong and vapo two are the well known examples of this type of vaporizer. A lighter is used as heats source in it preferably gas butane lighter.

Different Types of Vaporizers with Different Uses

These vaporizers can be taken anywhere and they also produce a good quality of vapors.

Volcano vaporizers; the volcano vaporizer is designed to use with a balloon. This balloon can be carried around. Volcano vaporizer is one of the best vaporizer for use.

Electric Vaporizers; most of the vaporizer in present time belong to this type of category. Electricity is used to power the heating element. There are two ways to heating the herbs; convection and conduction.

Herbal Vaporizers; these vaporizers are very handy. You can easily carry these vaporizers while traveling. These are not too expensive to use. These are also recommended by the doctors.

Hot box Vaporizers; hot box vaporizers are available in a variety of colors and designs. These are also available in variety of stones like marble, plethora and other valuable stones.

One can choose any type of vaporizer according to his demand and pocket.


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