Facebook Stalker check application | www.stalkercheck.com

Facebook Stalker check application : www.stalkercheck.com

Facebook has added a new application called as the Stalker Check app. (Application); you will think that what this Stalker Check is? It is a way for every person to see on who has been interacting with your Facebook Profile.

Facebook Stalker check application | www.stalkercheck.com

FacebookStalker.net started about just few months ago to try and help people gain insight into their Facebook world and show the limits of Facebook privacy. It shows you your top stalkers and actually ranks them in order. You then also have the option to click on your friends who have been “stalking” you and check out their top stalkers.

If you go on to some ones facebook, it would not tell any one that you visited their page and if you do not want your friends to see your name on the list then simply block it by accessing its application page. You can find the block button under the ‘Go to Application’ button.

There is an announcement by the developers themselves on how the stalker rank is judged which is given as follows:

Thanks everyone for your questions and comments. The list is based on a number of factors, but real interactions (wall posts, likes, comments etc) are weighted heavily. The app considers the last 200 friend interactions – for most people this means visitors over the last month.”

Facebook Stalker check application | www.stalkercheck.com

Source: http://apps.facebook.com/fancheck/

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