Download JAVA Games & Software Free for your mobile phones is the official website of GetJar, an independent mobile phone application store. GetJar was founded by Ilja Laurs in Lithuania in 2004, with offices in San Mateo, California and Vilnius. Over 60,000 mobile applications are provided by the company across major handset platforms including Java ME, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android, reaching over 15 million consumers. Software developers are allowed to upload their applications for free through a developer portal by GetJar. Download JAVA Games & Software Free for your mobile phones

This service has been used by about 300,000 software developers that resulting in nearly 900 million downloads. The rate is at present at 3 million downloads per day. CEO of the company is Ilja Laurs and the lead investor is Accel Partners. With over 1 billion downloads to date, GetJar is the second largest app store of the world, after Apple App Store. For its achievements and products, GetJar won the Meffy, Tiecon50 and Mobile Excellence awards in 2009. GetJar is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in the UK and Lithuania.

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At, you will see navigation such as “Apps”, “Entertainment”, “Productivity”, “Social & Messaging”, “Games”, and “Additional Categories”. Users can download JAVA Games & Software Free for their mobile phones at users can view the list of game by clicking on “game” option, the games are:

  • The Quest
  • LonelyFigures
  • Sensitive
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • FoxBG
  • !Stack
  • Meteor
  • DMinesweeper
  • Cards Back for
  • 3DBlox NoSound

How to download a game?

Select from five customizable races and an array of skills, attributes, weapons, armor and enchantments, then explore a huge non-linear realm of four different cities and a wilderness of mountains, caves, lakes and forests.

Play an absorbing card game, solve brain-teasing quests and clash with dangerous opponents in this turn- and skill-based role playing game.

You will have many choices, including some that may place you against the law, along your way to the dramatic end of your own choosing. You will require all your gaming know-how to survive and discover your destiny! Download JAVA Games & Software Free for your mobile phones

The Quest features:

  • Fps-like view
  • Playable races, even undead
  • Skill-based game engine, primary and secondary skills
  • Advanced dialogues with topics, selectable answers based on race, fame, outfit, continuous emulated 3D, not block by block
  • Alchemy with ingredients – mix your own potions, even a black beer to make your character more cheerful
  • Infect or contract diseases
  • Complex enchant system including drain, fortify skill, attribute, ac, hp, mana, resist
  • You can repair your weapons/armor
  • Monsters with special properties: infect disease, poison, paralyze
  • Huge world, non-linear gameplay
  • Advanced card game: more strategy, less luck
  • Mark/recall and town portal spells to help you moving around
  • Don’t do anything illegal, or you may find yourself in a prison!
  • Original, pda-optimized soundtrack
  • Two levels: high ceilings and two story buildings
  • Dual weapon fight
  • Books: some could teach you a skill, another may contain a novel
  • Thief skills: picking locks, disarming
  • Weather effects and much more...


  • The PPC version requires...
  • Pocket PC 2003 or newer (OS 4.x or 5.x)
  • Handheld PC (HPC2000, OS 3.0 or OS 4.x)
  • 18 MB storage ram (either built-in memory or card)
  • 12 MB program memory

The game supports the following screen resolutions:

  • Standard ppc 240x320 and 320x240 (both left and right landscape)
  • vga 480x640 and 640x480 (also both left and right landscape)
  • Square 240x240 and 480x480
  • hpc 800x480, 800x600, 640x240, 640x480

The Palm version requires:

At least 3 MB heap, 18 MB storage memory and OS 5+. You could skip the sound and/or the music data file to save storage. Any of the files can be installed on main storage memory, filesystem (f.e. lifedrive) or card.

Screen resolution compatibility:

  • 320x320 traditional palm
  • 320x480 palm hi-res portrait
  • 480x320 palm hi-res landscape
  • 240x240 palm square
  • Device compatibility:
  • TX, T5, T3, Lifedrive, Zire72, Zodiac/2, Sony UX, TH, NX, NZ (really slow), T, T2, TW, Zire71 (needs UDMH), T650, T680, E, E2, Garmin Ique


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