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The Students, Teachers & Parent can access Infinite Campus Portal at Infinite Campus (IC) is a web based student management system which allows the students and parents to login and check on assignments, grades, attendance on PC with internet connection. There are two types of Infinite Campus Portal available one is Parent Portal and other is Student Portal. Below, you can get Login Guide for Student, Teacher & Parent at Infinite Campus Portal from

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About Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus is a company which gives a database system online for managing student information and maintaining their records. The official website of Infinite Campus is, where you can get all information about solutions, district edition, state edition and technology.

A multi-lingual website is Infinite Campus which give parents, students and teachers easy access to student data information including grades, attendance and homework assignments on computer anywhere anytime in the world. To view the website in your preferred language, simply click on the language icons on the lower left portion of the screen.

Parents can enroll in the system by using the website of children's school or visiting the school office. Before providing an activation key for the account of Infinite Campus Portal, every school will require that you show a photo ID. Once the account is created and activated, you can login in account whenever you need to view or check your student's progress.

This system is an information purpose only. In your student's information, if you find any error, contact the school administor to report bugs. Infinite Campus will encourage you to keep your email address current on your account because teachers, school and district administrators may use the Campus Messenger email function to send you important information.

Teachers may use Infinite Campus to post grade book information. If you have questions about your children’s homework and progress data, then contact teachers.

Infinite Campus Portal

Infinite Campus Portal includes following information,

  • For each student in the household, an individual student calendar
  • A schedule of classes for each student in the household, assignments and grades for each student in the household (grades 2-12)
  • Report cards for grades 9-12
  • Attendance by term/quarter and period for the year
  • Demographic Details
  • A family calendar that displays attendance events and assignments due for all students in the household for grades 2-12

Infinite Campus Portal Features:

  • Display information in different languages
  • Select which data elements to display at the district or school level or turn off any time
  • To reduce printing costs, post report cards online
  • Give users the ability to create and manage their own accounts
  • Manage access through Campus Census household relationships
  • Provide one login to view all students in a household on one screen
  • To coordinate with your school’s look and feel, customize the user interface
  • Link to non-Infinite Campus websites
  • For all student accounts, create, disable, delete, enable, and force password changes
  • Display discipline, fees, food service, health, graduation planning, school choice application and transportation information
  • Show conventional and standards-based grades
  • Provide national, state and local assessment scores

How to access Infinite Campus Student Information System?

To access Infinite Campus Student Information System, you should have an Activation Key or a Campus Account for the login. The information of how to get Activation Key and Create Campus Account is given below.

For Activation Key:

  • Read the Acceptable Use Agreement.
  • Bring a photo ID to your school's administrative office.
  • Note: If you have children at different schools, then you only need to make one visit of the school.
  • Office staff will verify your information.
  • You will receive an Activation Key with instructions and someone to assist you.

For Campus Account:

After receiving an Activation Key, you can create a Campus Account here and access the Infinite Campus Portal through login.

If you already have a Campus Portal Account, then you will direct login here.

How to login?

  • Enter User Name and Password
  • Then click on Login

If you need any help into logging in for Campus Portal, then click here.



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