Kelebihan Malam Nisfu Syaaban

After Ramadan, we are also blessed month of Sha'ban. Mulianya Sha'ban is as quoted in many hadith in writing the book Muhaddith Al Hafiz Al Sheikh Salim Al Sanhuri Al Maliki, The merit of Mid-Sha'ban night. Everything said in my entry from the book cited above. Hadith and believed the argument of scholars. Hopefully, with the benefit.

One is the interests of Mid-Sha'ban night it happened a significant event for mankind. Mid-Sha'ban night is the night where the occurrence of exchange of letters in which the names of people who will die of Sha'ban Sha'ban is to come on record. The names of people who will die is removed from the assembly hall of the dead to life.

As the Prophet's words, he does not want his name moved to the hall of the dead in the state he did not serve. Hadith from her Sayyidatina also said that he never saw the Prophet fasting more in the months after the Ramadan of the Sha'ban.

As for the advantages of Night Nishfu Sya'baan was mentioned in the Hadith Sahih from Mu `az ibn Jabal radhiallahu` anhu, the Prophet said, `Alaihi wa Shallallahu Jagonya which means: "He looked to all the creatures in Night Nishfu Sya'baan, then forgiven all those who associate with them except Allah, or hostile."

13.14 and 15 Sha'ban is there a significant event for our community and in the 13th Sha'ban Muhammad Rasulullah bermunajat to be given the opportunity to intercede and forgiveness to the people of God and allow him his request and allowed him to intercede to third his people. On the night of the last 14 he assented bermunajat further third of humanity. And at night 15lah God allow Messenger to intercede for all people except those that he fled from God like a camel ran away from his master.

Incentives Mid-Sha'ban night life is a highly recommended Sunnah. Among the methods recommended by the Prophet himself is the sunnah prayer and fasting Sunnah prayer beads.

Dimalam-Sha'ban night is also God will forgive and give light to the servant of faith who seek the light, but for those who are still in error, God will let the error. Allah will not change the fate of a people, but people trying to change their own fate.

* May we together be guided to our hearts more tender with the remembrance of Allah and our members love the ritual. Amen.

About Sha'ban

Sha'ban is one month migration that has its own privileges. Sha'ban is considered the gateway for the month of Ramadan Muslims still can eat and drink during the day before they welcome the blessed month of fasting.

Sha'ban advantages can be seen when the Prophet told his Companions of Sha'ban. Moon is so called because in it Allah have mercy on all His servants.

During the month of Sha'ban, a highly-anticipated night of the night Muslims Mid-Sha'ban. At night, the Muslims will flood the mosque and the prayer room that night to turn the reading of Surah Yasin mass.

Unfortunately, there arose the question of why Muslims only stepped foot into the mosque and the prayer room at the Mid-Sha'ban night only, not on other days in other months. It should be pointed out, each month has a special migration and their respective advantages and the pious Muslim will try to grab and gain privileges that God provided during the month.

True Muslims will not choose a particular month for worship. He will always be committed to uphold the beristiqamah and decrees and commands of Allah at all times and circumstances until they face God later.


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