Kong Hee is ready to divorce Sun Ho

Recently, fresh rumors are spread on internet about the Kong Hee that he is ready to divorce Sun Ho. Kong Hee is a Christian and volunteer senior pastor of City Harvest Church in Singapore. Sun Ho, Kong Hee’s wife is a pop music singer. Currently, they reside in the United States and they have a son, Dayan Kong.

Kong Hee is ready to divorce Sun Ho

The pop singer Ho Yeow Sun famously known as Sun Ho is gonna divorce Kong Hee on the latest controversy of interview in City Harvest Church with its 17 members including its pastor Kong Hee. This news is not confirmed by any media or source. Many people feel it just as a rumor because of no valid and powerful reason.

Kong Hee is ready to divorce Sun Ho

Hong Kee traveled to USA to spend time with his singer wife in the past. No controversies were available concerning this worthy to mention. Some assertions are in news about Sun Ho that she is using the church funds to promote her career and about her skin show dressing.
In all seems, this all is just a rumor nothing else.

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