Login to Nationalgridus.com's my account to pay online bills

Nowadays, no one likes to stand in a long queue to pay their bill so lots of website started online services for paying bill. Www.nationalgridus.com is one of them where you can enjoy the great convenience of paperless online billing.

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Login to Nationalgridus.com's my account to pay online bills

National Grid is the high-voltage electric power transmission network in Peninsular Malaysia. Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) owns and operates National Grid by its Transmission Division. Approximately 1.5 million customers receive electric service of National Grid and natural gas service to nearly 540,000 customers in upstate New York. Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd and Sarawak Electricity Supply Corporation operate two electrical grids in Sabah and Sarawak respectively.

There are various ways to pay your electric bill. Detailed description of each method is as follows:

Make a One Time Payment: For payment through “Make a One-Time Payment” option, customers must have checking or savings account to pay bill. Customers have to do login in their account by entering user ID and password, and then click the “Make a One-Time Payment” link.

DirectPay (Automatic Bill Payment): Through the National Grid website, customer can make payments (checking / savings / money market) with NO service fees. If customer uses Pay Online service, then they will get advantages of receiving their bill by email and screening it online. Their bill will automatically paid 15 days after your billing day.

Recurring Payments: In recurring payments option, customer requires to choose method of payment (weekly, biweekly, or monthly). In this system, the payment will be made automatically from their checking or savings account.

Pay by Credit/Debit Cards: National Grid with Western Union Speedpay provides bill payment service through credit and debit card to their customer. All major credit and debit cards (Visa / MasterCard / Discover and American Express) will be accepted. Associated "convenience" fees are assessed and paid by customers to Western Union Speedpay. (National Grid receives no compensation for this payment service):

  • $2.25 for residential customers ($600 limit per transaction)
  • $3.50 for residential deposits (No dollar limit)
  • $7.95 for non-residential customers ($1000 limit per transaction)
  • $7.95 for non-residential deposits (No dollar limit)

Budget Plan (Balanced Billing): To activate Budget Plan, customer has to visit ‘Your Account’ option to fill online Budget Plan enrollment form. In this plan, they have to pay monthly energy costs.

Paperless Billing: Pay your bill through Paperless Billing, by signing up with either your User Name or your account number, and then click on the Paperless Billing link.

Pay In Person: Customer can pay their bill via check or cash at authorized agencies. More than $2,500 will not be accepted by authorized agencies. For that, use their form to find a payment agency.

Pay By Phone: One can also contact directly Speedpay by calling at 1-888-849-4310. A charge will be assessed by Western Union for this service.

Pay By Mail: In this method, along with the bill, a self- addressed envelope will be provided with each month's bill. It is suggested to write account number on your cheque. Along with the stub from your bill, mail your cheque or money order to:

National Grid
PO Box 1303
Buffalo, New York 14240-1303

How to pay bill?

For bill payment, first of all login in your account by entering user ID and password on www.nationalgridus.com. To make payment, select 'Go to Pay Bill' option which is given on the ‘Account Menu webpage’. Now, select 'Pay My Bills' and select the bill(s) which you want to pay. After that, enter the payment amount and payment date. Now, select the payment method or enter a new bank account if you have not set up your banking information. Now, select the 'Make Payment' button to start payment. You will be presented with a payment request submitted confirmation page.

Customer can make seven payments during the course of your billing cycle. The payments must total the full amount of the bill by the due date to avoid late payment charges of 1.5%. If you want to see your bill, then just login in your account, select 'Go to Pay Bill', which is given on the Account Menu webpage and see list of 'Current Bills’. To see the bill image, select the description (amount and due date).

Source: https://www.nationalgridus.com/


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