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www.Weeworld.com is social network website for fun where you can create your own WeeMee, invite friends, chat online, and play games. You can create your free Wee World account and login/sign in at Weeworld.com. WeeMee is a personally created animated avatar that beats your identity throughout Windows, iPhone and AOL apps. Then you are accessed with the many interactive chances.

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Login to Weeworld.com Social Network For Fun

On this website you can create your own online cartoon characters as you like and also meet more WeeMees. You can also choose your background setting like New York nightlife, seasonal references and beach outings. After creating your own WeeMee, you may easily meet some WeeMees and share common interest with them with a huge number of WeeMees, and make friends with these people. You can also invite your more friends to chat online. From this point of view, anyone can possibly meet some friends on this website. The information and directions about how to customize your WeeMee World Avatars for the iPhone and iPod touch devices are also provided at this website.

At this website teens can choose virtual items to wear, to decorate their party rooms. Wee World is an entertaining world where you can visit and play as dress-up guys and girls with accessories such as laptops, skateboards, jewelry, clothing and enough hair styles. Your WeeMee Avatar can go virtually anyplace. You can email them, you can add #1 avatar app on your iPhone or post them to Facebook, Skype, they even Twitter by just paying 99-cent. You can also adopt pet and add to your animated world. The website of Wee World can offer easy to use tools, easy accesses and engaging/addicting games. The virtual world is thriving with teens.

To register on Wee World, you need to create your own WeeMee. So click on Create Weemee at home page and choose thing which you wish for your Weemee. After creating your Weemee you will be asked for your username, password, birth date, email ID. When you provide required details, you will directly register on this website. You need to remember your username and password because these are used to log in/sign in for continue access.

You can use your own created WeeMee to do lots of fun things. At www.weeworld.com home page, you see different navigations at the top which are useful to create your WeeMee and make a fun. Its navigations are provided below which are used for various activities.

Home: By using Home, you can create and decorate your room, leave comments for your friends, write in your blog, change your WeeMee's look, edit your thought bubble and information about you, invite friends, search for other WeeMees, update your personal settings.

What’s Hot: To check out all the latest WeeMee news, enter exclusive contests, learn about cool new items for your WeeMee, use What’s hot navigation.

World: Here you can chat with other WeeMees and explore their New World.

Forums: In Forums Navigation you will create a thread and start up a conversation with other WeeMees, respond to other posts and share your opinion, explore Hot Topics and find other WeeMees with similar interests.

WeeMee Shop: WeeMee Shop section provides outfit for your WeeMee in the best fashions, and browses their latest collections, new arrivals, & more.

Export: To add your WeeMee to your community, blog or social networking site (like MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, & more!), add your WeeMee to your email signatures, add your WeeMee to your IM clients (like AIM, Windows Live and more!), take your WeeMee to the real world and put your WeeMee on a T-shirt, button, and more! (US and UK only), you can use Export section.

Games: If you want to play games, beat high scores and top the leaderboard, under Game navigation you can do it.

Cards: Below the Cards navigation, you can send your WeeMee to a friend in an animated e-card. Type a message, pick an animation, and your WeeMee deliver the fun by email.

You can also win 5000 green points by creating your own WeeMee and get highest vote for your WeeMee look through your friends every week. Points of items are marked with a green or gold gem and a number.

WeeWorld is providing you community for make friends. Thus you may easily meet some WeeMees and share common interest with them. From WeeWorld.com, you can find and play interesting online games. Adults can play computer games for relaxation in their spare time. Wee World has many various free games. The newly-released games are also found and played through this website without any charge.

In addition, the amazing music is also available for vast WeeMees. This site is regarded as entertainment site. To listen to the new music album of your favorite singers is also possible through this website.

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