Manage Target REDcard Account Online at

By agreeing to the consent to online through the Target website, customers demonstrate that they can access information that provided by Target website. It is one of the best sites for log in and to manage your Target Visa account, as well as six other related links., Target REDcard Account, Target REDcard, redcard Login

If customers want to choose stop paper statements then they are able to make their payments using the Manage My RED card service. The crediting of payments may be delayed by up to five business days after receipt, if they don’t use the Manage My REDcard Service. A paper version of your statement will not be given to you.

Terms and Conditions will be provided to you before your enrollment for the Service by REDcard. Paper statement may not be available online because it would be included with a mail. A paper copy of customer statement will be sent to make sure that you are receiving the necessary disclosures, if an insert contains legally required disclosures. Statement inserts and other account information will available online.

As sketched below in "How to Update Your Records", customer should promptly inform about any changes in e-mail address or U.S. Postal address. An e-mail informing to customer of availability of an online statement is sent. And this is returned to REDcard by which they may cancel customer's request to Stop Paper Statement and resume sending them paper statements in the mail. In this situation, customer need to submit an e-mail address change online and re-enroll in Stop Paper Statements in order for them to resume the suppression of customer paper statements.

At first, consent may be withdrawn to receive e-mail by not submitting your online enrollment for the Service. However, you may not enroll online unless you consent to receive electronic Communications.

If customers want to withdraw their consent to online after enrollment, Contact them by e-mail at, or by writing to Target National Bank, c/o Target Credit Services, Mail Stop 2 C-T, P.O. Box 673, Minneapolis, MN 55440-9285, or by calling 1-800-394-1829, or by signing into the Manage My REDcard website from a personal computer, selecting Credit Services in the left navigation, select Contact Us from the left nav, and follow the further information. They won’t charge any fee to process the withdrawal of your Consent online. On the other side, they reserve the right to restrict your use of the Service if you don’t consent to receive an e-mail. Any withdrawal of your Consent to Electronic Communications will be effective only after they have a reasonable period of time to process your withdrawal request.

Customers have to promptly update their Account information if their U.S. Postal address, electronic mail address or other information changes by updating their Account information through the Manage My REDcard website (sign into Account Management, select Manage Contact Information from the left navigation, and then follow the steps provided) or by writing to them at Target National Bank c/o Target Credit Services, Mail Stop 2C-T, P.O. Box 673, Minneapolis, MN 55416-3400, or by calling them at 1-800-394-1829.


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