McWorld at : Fun Games, Puzzles, Toys, and More is a very popular game and virtual interactive world website for kids and children where they can see fun games, puzzles, toys, and more. Kids and children can register, login and play free games at their official website (

McWorld at : Fun Games, Puzzles, Toys, and More website is divided in six navigations, Games, Puzzles, My Happy Meals, Parents Retreat, Arts & Crafts, Toys and Sign up or Login. In Game option, you can see various games like Start Your Engines, Blobs Adventure, Searching For Secrets, Deep Sea Pinball, Halfpipe Hero, Loopy Laundry, Skate Smartz, Tunnel Racer, etc. You can play all of this games online, ‘Play Now’ option is available on the below of the game poster. High Scores board is given on the right side of the web page. If you like any of these games, then you can add into your favorites or can send to your friends also.

Puzzles section is divided into four sections, 'Get Curious', 'Get challenged', 'Get Active' and 'Get Puzzled'. This section includes puzzles like the Bear Facts and how creative are you, pirates crossing, Tangram Challenges, Tongue Twister, Keyboard Castle, Guess what?, Dance like a star, Basketball Techniques, Tennis Techniques, Word Puzzle: Winter, Picture Sudoku, Word Puzzle: Nature, Word Puzzle: Adventure, and other games will come on the site very soon.

My Happy Meals navigation contains Mcworld code which includes different types of games like carly Patterson, bend water, bend air, favorite flavors, etc. In Parents Retreat navigation, you can learn more about the safety measures on the free games for kid’s website. You can also learn different and new game, treehouse and toy content that is added all the time. The next navigation is Arts & Crafts consists of different types of arts and crafts such as origami, face mask maker, paper art kids, and create your own colorful world, funny faces and more. Parents can also join their children in several tasks.

Toys navigation includes various types of toys, screen saver, wallpapers, etc. If you want to see list of toys with their snaps then click on ‘view toys’ option. You can click on each toy, if you want to see how it works. The last navigation is Sign up or Login which is used to save your high score and preference in happy meals. For Sign up, you have to enter your nickname and desired password then click on ‘continue’ button. Now, on the second page you have to enter your gender and date of birth and press ‘continue’ button. After that, do as per instruction. For login, you have to enter your nickname and password then click on ‘sign in’ button.


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