Netlog : Login to for online games, massages & fun is an online social portal where users can get benefits of online games, massages & fun. It was founded in July 2003 in Ghent, Belgium, by Lorenz Bogaert and Toon Coppensis. This site is specifically targeted at the European youth demographic. At this site, first you have to register online and then login with your Nickname or e-mail address and password. Process of login and more information about the website is described below.

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Netlog : Login to for online games, massages & fun

Netlog (previously known as Facebox and Bingbox) is an online blogging and social networking site that permits to make one's profile with blogs, photos, videos, music and more. Users can request their friends and swap over news and information with their community. Currently, Netlog is accessible in 25 languages and has more than 59 million members all through Europe, and this number enlarges every day.

It has localization technology which ensures that all content is geotargeted and personalized to each member’s profile. Because of this, one can search localized basis and overviews on the community, displaying only those member profiles of his or her own age range and region.

Benefits of the site:

  • Free to join
  • Your own profile with a blog, guestbook, picture gallery, videos, music, events, etc.
  • Dozens of efficiently designed coats for your profile
  • Wide visitor statistics, advanced inbox, privacy tools and Helpdesk
  • Enlarge your friend’s network; find new contacts and old friends
  • Admittance to the coolest online community with millions of members and thousands of groups
  • Chat, send gifts, private messages, sign guestbooks

To get these benefits, you have to register on the site, if you are first time user. Once you register you can sign in anytime. Exising members can sign in directly by entering e-mail address and password.

How to Register?

Registration process of Netlog is very easy and simple. Registration needs name, email id, date of birth, password, gender, etc.

There are different ways to login at

  1. Go to to login
  2. Type in to login
  3. Select your favorite language first at and then login
  4. Search at with netlog and login



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