Patti Davis Playboy Pics

Patti Davis appeared on the cover of the July 1994 issue of Playboy Magazine. At that yime she was 41 year old and also appeared nude inside the pages of the magazine. She Looks very sexy and stremy in this picture.

Patti Davis Playboy Pics

Patti Davis is not only a naked woman in a magazine or daughter of the president, she has also enjoyed success as a writer, and has even written a song for the Eagles the title, "I wish you peace."

Patti is Ronald Reagan's daughter, and she appeared on the magazine as a center fold, but also made a video, and more than a problem with photos.

Patti Davis Playboy photo

Patti Davis Playboy pictures

Patti Davis in Playboy is solid evidence that she did not take conservatism as her father President Ronald Reagan came to symbolize. She was active in the nuclear freeze movement, and later married her yoga instructor. In 2004 she authored the book “The Long Goodbye: Memories of My Father”.

Patti Davis Playboy Images

Patti Davis is Known as the black Sheep of the Reagan family. Patti is known for his pro-choice views on abortion and to oppose nuclear weapons, and she had a much publicized rift between her and her parents, former President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Davis.

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