PCH.com/prizealert - PCH Prize Event Alert Code Entry Guide

At www.PCH.com/prizealert, you can get chance to enter into Publishers Clearing House Prize Event Alert and win $5,000 A-Week-For-Life. You can get the entry into this Giveaway No. 1400 without buying anything. By just completing and submitting the sweepstakes entry form, you can enter in to PCH Prize Event Alert at its official website. All PCH Prize Event Alert entries received by 11:59 P.M., ET, August 6, 2010, will be eligible for PCH's up to $5,000.00 A-Week-For-Life SuperPrize (Giveaway No. 1400). One entry per day is allowable for a single email address. All entries must be received by July 31, 2010.

How to enter?

Go at www.PCH.com/prizealert, enter the coupon code which located on your official "Lifetime Prize" entry form. Then fill up all required information for registration including first name, last name, address, city, state, Zip code, Apt/Suite, email ID and you will be directly entered into this Giveaway.

On August 31st, 2010 the Prize Patrol could bring you your first $5,000.00. The entry will be not accepted after July 30th, 2010. The online Bulletins/promotions will be valid during the timeframe of June16, 2010 through August 23, 2010.

Giveaway No. 1400 is open for U.S. and Canadian residents, but online entry is only open to U.S. residents. U.S. and Canadian residents can enter ongoing Giveaways open to them by writing to the address: pch.com, 101 Winners Circle, Port Washington, NY 11053-4016. Principals and employees of Publishers Clearing House and pch.com, their affiliates and subsidiaries, their contest processors, their immediate families and the Board of Judges are not eligible. All federal, state and local laws apply.

On the basis of your timely entry receipt, a SuperPrize Number will be assigned to you at Publishers Clearing House headquarters. The SuperPrize Number associated with the winning Bulletin/promotion that matches the winning number for Giveaway No. 1400 wins.

You can also get additional entries by writing to PCH's at: 101 Winners Circle, Port Washington, NY 11053-4016. Each time you write to PCH's you will be entered once into each ongoing sweepstakes. Each entry request must be mailed separately.


The winner will get $5,000.00 A-Week-For-Life with a guaranteed minimum of $10,000,000.00. The minimum costs will be equal to the present value of all weekly payments up to the guaranteed minimum. Win $1,000,000.00 and you will receive $25,000.00 a year for 29 years and a final payment of $275,000.00 in the 30th year. Present value of Giveaway No. 1400 will vary depending on interest rates and market conditions at the time of the award. Winners will be notified by mail or in person at PCH's option.

Entry Form: www.PCH.com/prizealert


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