Rally crashes youtube Video

Rally Crashes: You Tube Videos

We will see here the most dangerous crashes of Rally with their full video. You can see the terrible accidents of the cars in the videos. Some of the big accidents are as follows:

1. See here the Honda Civic Car rally crashes. The car jumps up and it seems that no person can live alive after this car crash.

2. This is one of the best collections of the rally crash in Belgium. The car goes upwards on the back side of the other car.

3. This is one of the big rally crashes in Lithuania. The car was in great speed so it hits the several people and they are taken to hospital as they had got injuries.

4. The man is very strong as he stares death in the face and then takes a picture of it in "Rally Crash". His expression looks like nothing happened to him.

5. The white car goes down the road side at Hungary rally crashes.

6. It is WRC rally Xavier Pons Crash at New Zealand in 2007 year.

7. This crash was happened at the Home Depot Center at August 5th 2007 in the rally finals Colin Mc Rae X-Games 2007.

8. The car 39 Mitsubishi Galant VR4 had crashed as it took a very long jump and it was driven by Peter Jerie and navigated by Tristan Kent on the mineshaft at the Rally of Canberra 2007.

9. The driver is safe thought the crash seems as there will be no person alive is this crash Rally Epernay 2009 C2 R2 max.

10. In 2005 this was a big accident on wales rally.


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