TaTa Mutual Fund : Login to Access Nav & Online Account Statement

Www.tatamutualfund.com is the official website of the Tata Mutual Fund in which you can do login in your account to access NAV and also get online account statement of your account.

Tata Mutual Fund was integrated in 1995. Tata Asset Management Limited is one of the India's largest and most respected industrial groups and it is well-known for its observance to business principles. Tata Asset Management Limited is a part of the Tata group. Tata Asset Management Limited takes care of the investment management segment of Tata Mutual Fund. The sponsorship for the mutual fund is provided by the Tata Investment Corporation Limited and Tata Sons Limited. Tata Sons Limited is the main investor in the mutual fund.

About Mutual Fund:

A Mutual Fund is professionally managed type of collective investment scheme that pools the savings of a number of investors who share a common financial target. The money which is collected from these funds is to be invested in capital market instruments like stocks, bonds, short-term money market instruments, other mutual funds, other securities, and/or commodities such as precious metals. Mutual Fund offers an opportunity to invest in a diversified, professionally managed basket of securities at a relatively low cost so it is considered as a most suitable investment for the common man. Unit holders earned income through these investments and shared the capital appreciation realized in proportion to the number of units owned by them.

Snap of Mutual Fund Operation Flow Chart

TaTa Mutual Fund : Login to Access Nav & online account statment

The advantages of investing in a Mutual Fund are: Professional Management, Return Potential, Low Costs, Convenient Administration, Diversification, Liquidity, Transparency, Tax benefits, Well regulated, Choice of schemes and Flexibility.

Types of Mutual Fund Schemes:

  • By structure: Open - Ended Schemes, Close - Ended Schemes and Interval Schemes.
  • By investment objective: Growth Schemes, Income Schemes, Balanced Schemes and Money Market Schemes.
  • Other schemes: Tax Saving Schemes, Special Schemes, Index Schemes and Sector Specific Schemes.

In the "Brand Equity Most Trusted Brands Survey 2009", Tata Mutual Fund has been ranked among the Top 5 Mutual Fund brands. As on April 30, 2010 approximately Rs. 22, 051.00 crores worth of assets are managed by the Tata Mutual Fund across its varied offerings. Different types of investment option for everyone are offered by Tata Mutual Fund whether you are a businessman or salaried professional, a retired person or housewife, an aggressive investor or a conservative capital builder. Presently, the assets of the mutual fund are worth Rs.24, 495 crores.

TaTa Mutual Fund : Login to Access Nav & online account statment

There are three main products of Tata Mutual Fund i.e.Equity funds, Balanced funds and Debt funds and they are sub-categorized to create a huge list of schemes.

List of schemes are as follows:

Equity products:

  • Tata Tax Saving Fund
  • Tata Life Sciences & Technology Fund
  • Tata Equity Opportunities Fund
  • Tata Growth Fund
  • Tata Infrastructure Fund
  • Tata Service Industries Fund
  • Tata Pure Equity Fund
  • Tata Dividend Yield Fund
  • Tata Equity P/E Fund
  • Tata Index Fund
  • Tata Select Equity Fund

Balanced products:

  • Tata Young Citizens' Fund
  • Tata Balanced Fund

Debt products:

  • Tata Income Fund
  • Tata Fixed Horizon Fund
  • Tata Fixed Horizon Fund Series 1
  • Tata Monthly Income Fund
  • Tata Short Term Bond Fund
  • Tata Dynamic Bond Fund
  • Tata MIP Plus Fund
  • Tata Liquid Fund
  • Tata Income Plus Fund
  • Tata Gilt Securities Fund
  • Tata Floating Rate Fund

Through tatamutualfund.com, you can do all the transactions which are related to the Mutual Funds. Financial Transaction like Purchase, Switch - in and Switch - out and Redemption and Non Financial Transaction like view your transaction status, know latest unit balance, know latest market value and view and print your account statement, etc. If you want to do online transaction, then login in your account by entering Folio Number and PIN then click on ‘login’ option. You will get a folio number with Tata Mutual Fund and should have been registered with them by performing a PIN agreement.

PIN Agreement is signed by all holders on all pages and a self attested copy of your PAN card is the compulsory document for online transaction facility. You also require folio number with Tata Mutual Fund and accordingly shall be registered with them by executing a PIN agreement. By sending a written request, you can place a request for PIN agreement form for the same signed by all the unit holders. You may submit such requests to the nearest AMC branch or to CAMS Investor Services Centre. You have to provide information like folio number/s, name, address, phone, mobile, email, etc. The PIN agreement form printed on an Rs.300/- stamp paper will be sent to you within 7 working days.

Tata Mutual Fund also provides online account statement to your Email ID which is registered with them. Please download the form for registering your Email ID and submit it to the nearest TMF Branch or CAMS Center. You can also enter your folio number and name then click on ‘submit’ option for e-statement. You can also get NAV history by selecting scheme name and date then click on ‘submit’ button. You will get information about NAV (in Rs.) with the name of the fund.

Information about latest NAV is given in the form of table.

Table showing latest NAVs:

Scheme NameNAV PriceDate
Tata Balanced Fund - Dividend Option46.594426 May 2010
Tata Balanced Fund - Growth73.871826 May 2010
Tata Capital Builder Fund - Dividind12.938326 May 2010
Tata Capital Builder Fund - Growth13.857726 May 2010
Tata Contra Fund - Dividend14.344526 May 2010
Tata Contra Fund - Growth15.226326 May 2010
Tata Dividend Yield Fund ( Div)20.335826 May 2010
Tata Dividend Yield Fund (App)28.564726 May 2010
Tata Dynamic Bond Fund A - Dividend10.547826 May 2010
Tata Dynamic Bond Fund A - Growth14.060226 May 2010

For latest NAVs, click on http://www.tatamutualfund.com/latest-nav.asp.

You can also get NAV report of Tata Mutual Fund from other websites:

  • www.indobase.com
  • www.amfiindia.com

Source: http://www.tatamutualfund.com/


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