Top 10 celebrity caught Without Panties in Paparazzi

Top 10 celebrity caught Without Panties in Paparazzi 

Hi, here you can see Top 10 Hollywood Women caught without panties in Paparazzi photos. In this list Britney Spears is the Top because she caught a many times in without panties and Margaret Trudeau placed on no.10 as she caught on the beach without panties only one time. Paris Hilton, Pink, Sharon Stone, Mariah Carey, Audrina Partridge, Pamela Anderson and Emma Watson are also includes in this list. Sexy celebrity women caught pantyless always cause a media frenzy and these photos are very coveted by magazines and websites. 

Top 10 celebrity caught Without Panties in Paparazzi

1, Britney Spears

Britney Spears is the Queen of not underwear, and upskirt photos of this dropped pop princess are posted all over the web. She caught many time without panties. She is  likely had the most candid shots taken of her baby-maker out of all of Hollywood's young celebrities. Brit's not afraid to let it all hang out, and it seems that she may be a bit of an exhibitionist at heart, C-section and all.


Top 10 celebrity caught Without Panties in Paparazzi

2, Lindsay Lohan

Hollywood actor Lindsay Lohan's "fire crotch" comes in a close second to Britney's. She was caught with no panties on a few occasions. I Think If Any time Lindsay ever needs the money, she could get paid a small fortunate for doing a nude scene in a bad film or she is always got Playboy.


Top 10 celebrity caught Without Panties in Paparazzi

3, Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton also include in the Top 10 Hollywood Women Caught without Panties. For Some cause, these three ladies seem to enjoy showing off their bits and pieces. I think these frenemies may be in some twisted competition to see whose vagina becomes the most famous. She caught also many time without panties but now they may complain about the paparazzi, but they seem to all suffer from a severe case of exhibitionism.

4, Pink

Pink is a great musician she may have written a song about the on this list before her, but she fell prey to the same fashion faux pas. She did have the decency, however, to wear a pair of pantyhose. Unfortunately, they were caught without Panties.

Top 10 celebrity caught Without Panties in Paparazzi

5, Sharon Stone 

Sharon Stone performed the most famous upskirt scene in film history in Basic Instinct. She became a popular for her role shocking leg uncrossing must have inspired her to go commando in real life. She has been photographed a lot of times without underwear that it's just not news anymore. In this list she claim 5th position.


Top 10 celebrity caught Without Panties in Paparazzi

6, Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is a pop star and she loves butterflies, glitter and short skirts. She never realized Guilty that she wears short skirts without panties. If you are doing it as a career move and a cry for attention, just look at Britney, Paris, and Lindsay. I am sure this celebrity is not wearing panties keeps them in the public eye for some purposely, but it does not sell records or get them movie roles.


Top 10 celebrity caught Without Panties in Paparazzi

7, Audrina Partridge

The Hills star Audrina partridge is famous for her n*de photo. Recently she gave some naughty photos of her own nude hills surface. But she is another “starlet” that might as well have shown off everything her momma gave her. But her Topless photos + being caught with no panties = stealing the spotlight from Heidi and Spencer for 10 minutes.


Top 10 celebrity caught Without Panties in Paparazzi

8, Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson is a multiple offender. Her pantyless photos are so popular. In this list she claim 8th position. The 42 year old Pamela Anderson best known for her roles on the television series Home Improvement, Baywatch, and V.I.P. She was chosen as a Playmate of the Month for Playboy magazine in February 1990.


Top 10 celebrity caught Without Panties in Paparazzi

9, Emma Watson

Emma Watson was not show exactly without panties but this girl show got out of a car wearing see-through zebra-striped underwear with all her pubic hair on display on her 18th birthday. It means she showed off her Fuzzy looks.


Top 10 celebrity caught Without Panties in Paparazzi

10, Margaret Trudeau

The 61 year old Margaret Trudeau was married with Canada’s prime minister during the 70’s and she is one of the women at the forefront of the pantyless movement. She is not actually a Hollywood celeb-type. But she was flashing her lady business at Studio 54 and her photo became one of the first upskirt shots of a high-profile woman.

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