Train Timings of mmts in hyderabad, Mmts hyd time table

Hyderabad MMTS Train Timings time table and Schedules | Multi-Modal Transport System wiki Information

The Full Form of MMTS is Multi-Modal Transport System. MMTS is one of new commuter rail system in Hyderabad, India. It was built on an equal basis of the costs of the government Andhra Pradesh and the South Central Railway and operated by the latter.

Train Timings of mmts in hyderabad, Mmts hyd time table

Location : Hyderabad, India.
Operator : South Central Railway
Track gauge : 1,435 mm (4 ft 8½ in) (broad gauge)
Began operation : August 9, 2003
System length : 43 kilometers (27 mi)
Lines Nos : 3
Stations nos : 36

The MMTS has been reduced travel expenses and time and the dependence on private transport. It has also helped to reduce environmental pollution and road congestion.

Most of MMTS Trains commute between 7:30, 9:30 and 4PM - 6:30 PM, which is the peak traffic hours in the office of visitors.

The Technical features of MMTS

  • The challenge for the future with a design meeting the expectations of a new generation had gone to the ICF in a dead serious. Based on the development of Oman Jan Shatabdi experience in recent years, and discussions with the authorities MMTS Hyderabad, the ICF has a new design of the EMU in stock, which meets the expectations of this fast-growing, events and a modern Twin - city.
  • The buses and tour buses must be fitted with an ergonomically designed for the cab drivers, with all vital equipment to be within reach, the motorman, aesthetically pleasing design of prefabricated Framework Programme for the drivers desk.
  • ICF has been manufactured electric trains, of which Hyderabad MMTS services. When the first attempt in their own way, the railways and the government have agreed, as well as the cost of vehicles under the cost-sharing agreement for the MMTS project.
  • Some trains are automatic notifications stations.

MMTS Train Timetables and Schedules Hyderabad.

MMTS-hyderabad-train-time-table.jpg46.37 KB

thnx 4 mmts

thnx 4 mmts

Hi i need the train to

Hi i need the train to secunderabad to shamshabad

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Time Table for MMTS trains in Hyderabad, MMTS time table of Hyderabad. view story
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hai thank u for giveing MMTS

hai thank u for giveing MMTS time table

Can you give me the timings

Can you give me the timings from Hitech city to Secunderabad
Mail me at

Can I have time table Secbad

Can I have time table Secbad - hitec City and Vice Versa

hi i need the mmts timings

hi i need the mmts timings from hitech city to kachiguda station.
pls mail:

Train no Departure

Train no Departure station Departure time Destination Station Arrival time
LF2 Lingampalli 06:20 Falaknuma 07:40
LF3 Lingampalli 07:10 Falaknuma 08:30
LF4 Lingampalli 07:45 Falaknuma 08:55
LF5 Lingampalli 09:00 Falaknuma 10:25
LF6 Lingampalli 09:25 Falaknuma 10:40
LF7 Lingampalli 10:40 Falaknuma 12:00
LF8 Lingampalli 12:00 Falaknuma 13:15
LF9 Lingampalli 12:40 Falaknuma 13:55
LF10 Lingampalli 14:55 Falaknuma 16:05
LF11 Lingampalli 15:20 Falaknuma 16:40
LF12 Lingampalli 16:15 Falaknuma 17:30
LF13 Lingampalli 17:55 Falaknuma 19:10
LF14 Lingampalli 18:40 Falaknuma 19:55
LF15 Lingampalli 19:15 Falaknuma 20:35
LF16 Lingampalli 20:10 Falaknuma 21:20
LF17 Lingampalli 21:10 Falaknuma 22:30

can i get the LF13 train

can i get the LF13 train timing that is at what time does LF13 comes to secunderabad.
I need to go to kachiguda reply to

can u give me the timings

can u give me the timings from hi tech city station to kachiguda ?
mail to thanx

Hi please send me the mmts

Hi please send me the mmts train schedule at

Hi I need to time table can

Hi I need to time table can anyone send it to my id pls?

Hi this is babji from

Hi this is babji from kukatpally, iam sending mmts railway time table.........Babji.

this is ridiculous....where

this is ridiculous....where is the time table????

it is not the right link for

it is not the right link for timetable

You can get a mobile version

You can get a mobile version of this timetable at

or visit

directly from your mobile

The guy exported the wrong

The guy exported the wrong jpg. :)

I have created a printable pdf of the timings - guess what ... I had to spend couple of hours to get it in a printable form. Very easy to use.

You will get it at the below link (unless this site truncates web adresess). If you want to thank me you can send a email to nkamatam@gmail com

any one have downloaded

any one have downloaded format for timings of mmts schedule...?????

***Originating station:

***Originating station: Lingampalli Destination station: Hyderabad ***

Train no Departure station Departure time Destination Station Arrival time
LH1 Lingampalli 05:40 Hyderabad 06:20
LH2 Lingampalli 06:00 Hyderabad 06:40
LH3 Lingampalli 07:00 Hyderabad 07:40
LH4 Lingampalli 07:30 Hyderabad 08:10
LH5 Lingampalli 08:10 Hyderabad 08:50
LH6 Lingampalli 08:40 Hyderabad 09:25
LH7 Lingampalli 09:10 Hyderabad 09:50
LH8 Lingampalli 09:55 Hyderabad 10:35
LH9 Lingampalli 10:25 Hyderabad 11:05
LH10 Lingampalli 11:00 Hyderabad 11:40
LH11 Lingampalli 11:40 Hyderabad 12:20
LH12 Lingampalli 12:15 Hyderabad 12:55
LH13 Lingampalli 12:50 Hyderabad 13:30
LH14 Lingampalli 15:05 Hyderabad 15:45
LH15 Lingampalli 16:00 Hyderabad 16:40
LH16 Lingampalli 16:50 Hyderabad 17:30
LH17 Lingampalli 18:10 Hyderabad 18:50
LH18 Lingampalli 18:55 Hyderabad 19:35
LH19 Lingampalli 19:50 Hyderabad 20:30
LH20 Lingampalli 20:50 Hyderabad 21:30
LH21 Lingampalli 21:40 Hyderabad 22:20

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