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In the US, throughout the state of Hawaii, a public, co-educational college and university system that confers associate, bachelor, master, doctoral and post-doctoral degrees is the University of Hawai'i System and widely known as UH. Here is mentioned information of UH (University of Hawaii) Webmail and the step-by-step process of how to Login/Sign in to its official website Mail.hawaii.edu.

By the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, all schools of the University of Hawaii system are accredited. University of Hawaii has three universities, seven community colleges, an employment training center, four education centers and some research laboratories.

Across the Hawaiian Islands, the University of Hawai‘i System consist of 10 campuses and dozens of educational, training and research centers. UH offers opportunities as exclusive and varied as their Island, as the public system of higher education in Hawaii.

UH Webmail

Webmail or Web-based e-mail is one of the most helpful web applications on the Internet, it allows you to access, send, receive and manage your email. You can access your email from any computer speedily and without difficulty using Internet Explorer or any other web browser. There is no extra setup drawn in, just enter your email address and password and your mail will be displayed for you.

Login/Sign in to Mail.hawaii.edu

Visit the website Mail.hawaii.edu, and you will come on the page of UH (University of Hawaii) Webmail. In the box of "Username", type your UH Username and enter your password in the Password box, then press Login button. Please remember that your username followed by “hawaii.edu” (e.g., redcloud@hawaii.edu) is your University of Hawaii email address. If you desire to obtain email through a non-University account that you already have, then you may forward mail from hawaii.edu.

There are 5 quick links provided on the UH Webmail page on the right side, they are as under:

  1. Web Mail and Quota, deleting problems?
  2. WebMail Information and Issues
  3. Forgot Your Password?
  4. Change Password and other Useful Settings
  5. UH Spam Quarantine

1. Web Mail and Quota, deleting problems

You will be incapable to get any other mail once this quota is reached at 100% as every person is issued a maximum amount of email space. How to save your email to local disks on your computers hard drive and eliminate it from the mail server, this document shows you. This also permits you to have a local archive of your email.

2. WebMail Information and Issues

This page will help you to present a list of the presently noted issues with the UH WebMail application. The list given there are issues that have been reported to ITS, and confirmed through testing. You can contact the ITS Help Desk, if you come across problems with UH WebMail. The below documents may be useful if using UH WebMail for the first time for reference.

  • Introductory UH WebMail document: Getting Started with WebMail (Pdf)
  • WebMail and Your Quota: http://www.hawaii.edu/askus/612

3. Forgot Your Password?

On this page, you can check status of UH username. To gaining access to the university's online services, your UH Username is your electronic key. To activate you’re UH Username, complete the information given there. Your details will conclude if you necessitate a new UH Use.

4. Change Password and other Useful Settings (Managing Your UH Username)

You will be competent to revise different aspects of your UH Username, including your password, personal homepage, and mailing list subscriptions after you login once. You can also retrieve the settings required to access the UH Manoa wireless network.

UH Username Benefits:

  • @hawaii.edu Email address
  • 20 MB File/Web Space
  • Up to 500 MB Email Storage with Anti-Virus Protection and Spam Filtering

5. UH Spam Quarantine

You have to provide you’re UH username and password to log in here.

Pros/Advantages of Web Mail

  • Large Storage Capacity
  • Email Stored Centrally
  • Maintenance and Administration
  • Signing Up for Web Mail is generally Easy and Free
  • Create Multiple Email Addresses for Different Uses

Cons/Disadvantages of Web Mail

  • Security and Spam Issues
  • Online Accessibility
  • Advertisements

Source: https://mail.hawaii.edu/uwc/auth


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