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USPS Redelivery Service can be accessed online at, that allows users to schedule delivery of parcels or special service mail that they missed. One can request to have the mail piece redelivered, or arrange to pick it up from the Post Office. The online request can be submitted for same day service by 2:00 a.m. at from Monday to Saturday and Sunday will be closed. - USPS Redelivery Online Service

The United States Postal Service (USPS) provides postal service in the United States. It is government agency authorized by the United States Constitution.

There are several tasks you can do with the United State Postal Service such as find a zip code, calculate postage, print a shipping label, schedule a pick-up, buy stamps and services and locate your nearest post office online at the official website website. The website also provides the more ways for Receiving Mail.

As of some reasons, the United States Postal Service mail carriers are not allowed to leave certain articles in your mailbox or elsewhere at your home, such as mail pieces like Certified, Registered, Signature Confirmation, or Insured articles valued at over $200, require a signature. In the case if a package is too large to fit into your mailbox and cannot be left in a secure or protected place at your home, then the mail carrier is required to take the package back to the post office and leave a delivery attempt notice.

This notice requires the customer to visit their local post office to pick it up package. The customer can request to have it redelivered, if they can arrange a day when someone will be at home to receive the mail piece from the carrier.

This redelivery request can be made in several ways. You can get the easiest way on the website. First select the "Redelivery Service" from the "Receiving Mail" option that given on the right side of the main page, than fill out the online request form to schedule a date for redelivery.

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You will need the peach colored Delivery Notice / Reminder / Receipt (PS Form 3849) left by the Carrier to use the USPS Redelivery Online Service. This service is currently limited to certain ZIP Codes. In the St. Louis area, all zip codes are covered by the online service.

USPS Redelivery Service is an online way to have your mail redelivered to your address or held at the Post Office for pick up. USPS can arrange redelivery of your mail in the case when a signature was required and no one was at home, the mail is extra-large and could not fit in your mailbox or mail could not be left in a secure place.

If the redelivery service was offered to you, then your mail can be redelivered to your address or held at a local post office for pick up.

You will need the notice of delivery that the carrier left at your address (PS Form 3849) to use the online redelivery service. If you request redelivery for a package online before 2 am, the package can be delivered on the same day.

To create an online request at,

  • Enter your 5 digit zip code in the right side blank box
  • Edit your redelivery information such as confirmation number as well as address and zip code.

Note that, the service is currently limited to certain ZIP Codes.

Redelivery request can be made by calling on1-800-ASK-USPS.

To know more about the process, refer the redelivery FAQs which is available on the same page,

The redelivery confirmation number can be used to call to inquire and track delivery at


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