Valic Online: Login to to manage AIG Retirement account is the official website of Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company where the customers can login in their account 24/7 and do/check any transaction which they want. You can also request for forms.

Valic Online: Login to to manage AIG Retirement account

VALIC stands for Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company is a subsidiary of American International Group (AIG) which is a insurance company that specialize in tax-qualified, supplemental tax-deferred and after-tax investments. VALIC offers various products and services which are original and easy to understand for real lives. To retirement plans and programs, VALIC take a personal approach by offering modified solutions for individual needs.

The products of VALIC are built on huge and deep market knowledge. Bruce R. Abrams is the CEO of the company. In the U.S, VALIC offers investor services and retirement planning to more than 2 million investors. The main aim of the VALIC is to help Americans plan and enjoy a secure retirement. They always focus on saving for retirement. VALIC help you to accumulate funds for retirement.

The headquarters of the VALIC is situated in Houston, Texas. Currently, VALIC control long-term savings programs for more than 28000 education, healthcare, public sector and other organizations representing approximately 2 million investors in 41,000 locations in the US. The company VALIC is certified member of the Insurance Marketplace Standards Association (IMSA).

VALIC also provides AIG Retirement Online service to its customers by which customers can view summary and detailed account information, review unit values and fixed-fund interest rates, transfer assets among investment options, rebalance existing funds, redirect future contributions, set up and change your PIN, change address and phone number, obtain financial advisor information, request AIG Retirement forms and obtain existing loan information. AIG Retirement online account access means you always have convenient and secure access to information regarding your retirement plan and your account.

For AIG retirement online services, you have to login and sign-on to access your account online with your user ID. On its official website, you will see the link to “access your account”. Then you have to register for using online services. For accessing online account, you need to access the Internet using an Internet service provider and a current version of a Web browser.

Transactions and information available through the Internet include:

  • Account balance information
  • Contribution allocation changes
  • Contribution percentage changes
  • Forms
  • General account inquiries
  • General retirement planning information
  • Investment vehicle performance
  • Loan modeling
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN) changes
  • Personal rate of return
  • Retirement/Financial Calculators
  • Transfer of accumulated account values among investment options
  • View assets from other accounts to obtain a full retirement picture

How to register for Valic Online Services?

  • First you have to enter your SSN (without dashes).
  • Then, enter your last name and date of birth.
  • Then, you have to click on “Continue button”.

For login, you have to enter your user ID and then click on “Continue” button.

After creating your account online now you can access the learning center, financial planning section, peruse investment products and much more. The beat thing to do is reading about all of their products and services. By this way, you can more comfortable with their retirement income, qualified and tax favored investment products.


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