www.chesscube.com - Login to ChessCube to Play & Chat Online

Do you want to play free online Chess and improve your chess skill? www.chesscube.com is online chess community which offers live play, chat, chess training videos and lectures, and ChessCube Cinema. Anybody can play chess at Chesscube.com after just easy login.

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www.chesscube.com - Login to ChessCube to Play & Chat Online

Chess is a two players board game. ChessCube has more than 720,000 registered users from all over the world. During the 2006, Mark Levitt founded ChessCube.com. ChessCube was awarded as 2008 WP Sports Award: Media Award-Electronic. In the year 2009, ChessCube hosted as world's first FIDE rated online game which was played in the SA Open 2009.

The Chesscube.com is featured with easiest navigation including play, tournament, shop, cinema, premium, and help. Through play navigation you can play chess, watch games and chat with friends. Live chess of ChessCube is developed in Abode Flex. At ChessCube Shop, you are provided to purchase video titles for improving game.

Live Tournament provides real-time games, instant pairings and results, different formats, win Cubits, live chat rooms, view full standings, choose your level, and 24/7 schedule.

The game can be played under your selected level such as fast game is timed games less than 10 minutes and slow games are games longer than 15 minutes. Registered users can view live games after login. ChessCube Chat also facilitates to all registered players who are logged to chat with other player.

ChessCube Cinema is an Adobe AIR application which can be download on your computer desktop. You can also download chess videos, watch favourite coaches’ lessons and learn to play like the masters Free Andrew Martin from videos.

How to register on ChessCube?

For registration at Chesscube.com, you required to enter username, email, and password. Then you can login with your username and password. After login you can able to play online free chase tournaments. Follow the below steps to register:

  • Visit www.chesscube.com
  • Click on "Register" which located on top side of front page
  • Enter your preferred username, your email address and password
  • Click on Accept

ChessCube also offers Premium Memberships. When you become Premium Member, you can receive free weekly streaming videos from chess masters and also advanced game analysis and personal stats, customization features and more. In the Play application, Premium Members also have access to P2P audio chat. Premium Member is charged US$19.95 per annum.

Pros of www.chesscube.com:

  • Play free online chess
  • Play at your level
  • Play live tournaments
  • Improve your game score
  • Socialize in chat rooms
  • Invite your friends
  • Make your own private chess network
  • Get online Master training

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