Www.citicards.com: Bill Pay service for online Credit Card payment

On citicards.com, Citibank cardholder can take care online of their financial business. You can pay online Credit Card payment by www.citicards.com. Citibank credit card holders can also manage their account online by signing in.

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Citigroup Inc. is a leading global financial services company with some 200 million customer accounts in more than 100 countries and Citi Cards® is part of the global operations of Citigroup Inc. Global Consumer, Corporate and Investment Banking, and Global Wealth Management are three business groups of Citigroup.

Trusted credit card services and benefits are offered by Citi® Cards. Optional credit protection, simple online account management, cash access, and great rewards can be deserved by the card holders.

Benefits and services of Citi® Cards:

  • Citi® Identity Theft Solutions: For placing fraud alerts on your credit bureau report, to assist you in contacting other creditors that have fraudulent accounts, monitor your credit throughout the case, the specialists of Citi cards work with you and the three major credit reporting agencies.
  • Account Security: You and your account is constantly being safeguarded and protected by Citi as a leader in the prevention and detection of credit card fraud.
  • Citibank® Services: As a CitiBusiness card member, get 24/7 customer service, additional cards, worldwide credit card acceptance and much more services are provided to you by Your Citi credit card.
  • Money Management Services: You can keep your finances in check, whether for personal or business needs by Citi credit cards money management services.
  • Travel Services: When you travel, you can get travel services. When you charge travel to your Citi credit card enjoy auto rental insurance coverage and car rental discounts from Hertz and more depending on the card you select.
  • Convenience Services: You can pay bill payment and make purchases by convenience services.
  • Recurring Bill Payments: Your Citi card can be used to automatically pay vendors such as your cable, phone, or utilities provider.

How to pay Citi® Card bill?

There are two ways available to pay your Citi card bill:

Your Citi card can be linked to your ATM/Debit card by you. After that, your credit card activity can be viewed on your home page at Citibank Online, and by transferring funds from checking or savings pay your bill instantly. To start, sign on and click on the Transfers tab. This is the first way.

A recurring transfer can also be set up on the transfer page. Recurring transfer helps ensure that you do not miss a payment. If your credit card bill is due (or past due), and if you have exceeded your credit limit, and more, then you can set up free alerts that notify you via cell phone or e-mail. Choose the Service Center tab to set up alerts then click on Enroll in/Manage Citi Alerting Service.

Another way to pay your Citi Card bill is to click on the Payments tab, then follow the links to pay from any checking or savings account Citi or non Citi.

Online accounts details

You can manage your Citi card account online. Your balance, statement, payment due date and recent transactions can also be viewed online by you. There are three types of online accounts available, one account for Personal Card members, second for Professional Card members, and last for Business Card members.

Account Online for Personal Card members

If you are personal card members, then you can get important information including your balance, current and past statements, available credit and payment due date. Your statement can be viewed securely online and it can be sorted by date, purchase and amount. You can pay your credit card bill online at your convenience and get same-day posting as long as your payment request is received by 5 p.m. ET on a weekday. Via online account, with a Balance Transfer to your Citi® card, your high-rate credit accounts can be consolidated. You can get free2 updates about your credit card account current balance, payment due or payment notifications, after enrolling Citi Alerting Service. The updates are sent to your mobile phone or e-mail.

Account Online for Professional Card members

Keep tabs on your account activity using Citi's Online Expense Reporting Tool. Create customized reports for specific clients, jobs, business trips or tax purposes and review only the transactions that apply. Just categorize your card activity to create as many individual expense reports as you choose.

Account Online for Business Card members

Manage your business credit card easily and securely. Employees can be added to your account by you, Credit limit of them can be set, and their transactions can be viewed. Manage them separately by assigning individual account names.

Pay Bills online

You can pay your credit card bills by using online bill payment services. The online bill payment will take only few minutes for paying bills online. You can pay bills electronically each month by signing in. Go to the Payments menu and after that choose “Make a Payment”.


You can enroll in free AutoPay program. Then each month, your payment will be deducted automatically from your checking or savings account. Choose the Payments menu at the top of this page to enroll in the AutoPay program, after that select enroll in AutoPay.

Pay By Phone

If you have a payment due immediately, for a fee you can call Customer Service at the number on the back of your card to make a Pay y Phone payment.

How to login at www.citicards.com?

If you want to login at the official website www.citicards.com, then visit the given link. The option of login and registration will be given on the left side of the homepage. If you already have your user id and password, then by entering user id and password you can login. After entering required information you will have to choose one from “Account Home”, Account Activity”, “Make A Payment”, “Balance Transfers”, and “Credit Limit Increase”.

First time users do not have user id and password so they need it and for user id and password they will have to register. One can register by clicking on “Register” option. For registration, there are 6 steps available.

In first step, you will have to register for online account by entering credit card account number. In second step you will have to give account information. In third step, create your own user id and password. Security question is chosen by you at fourth step. When you enter fifth step, add card option. Sixth step will show you that your registration is completed.


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