www.Hotschedules.com - Login to Hotschedules for restaurant labor management

For staff scheduling and labor management needs, HotSchedules is the single source specifically designed for the restaurant, hospitality and retail sectors. Www. Hotschedules.com is the official website of Hotschedules which offers an interesting service for people that work from their houses when they are sick without loose the time of company and own. By entering user id and password, the process of login is very easy.

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www.Hotschedules.com - Login to Hotschedules for restaurant labor management

If any business owner who would like to dramatically reduce labor costs, save valuable time, and improve their work culture via improved communication, then HotSchedules is the perfect solution for them. As restaurant labor management solutions, companies of any type and size (single or multiple locations) that schedule by shift can use its products when they tout.

While providing your staff and management with effective communication and labor management tools to efficiently manage your time and labor costs, your business streamline your staff scheduling process is helped by HotSchedules (web-based scheduling solution). The renowned HotSchedules' Support Services and a dedicated advisor will guide you in every difficult stage if your business partners with HotSchedules.

With their low monthly subscription rate, you are allowed to "pay as you go" as it continues to provide you with the latest product upgrades, self-paced online video training, and a robust knowledge base. Via the web or through their automated English-Spanish phone service obtainable around the clock, the password protected HotSchedules account of staff and management have been access by them.

With the most reliable servers and innovative technology, they host, service and support your HotSchedules subscription 24/7/365. A Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 Hyper-V running on Dell® PowerEdge® servers is featured by HotSchedules' virtualized server infrastructure, and a Dell PowerVault® iSCSI storage area network (SAN) supports it. A highly-secured, state-of-the-art SAS-70 data center is also run by HotSchedules.

Features & Benefits

Features of Management

  • Built in labor violations
  • Robust reports including daily rosters and weekly schedules
  • Labor Proforma (analyze actual vs scheduled hours and dollars)
  • Review library of self-serve training videos online
  • Assign employee availabilities with ease
  • Set labor budget for comparison with weekly schedules
  • Multiple schedule creation options
  • Automated scheduling
  • Built in labor rules with up-to-date overtime increases
  • Add, delete and edit employees with ease
  • Assign cross-trained employees to multiple schedules, job codes and pay rates
  • Assign skill levels
  • Assign permissions by roles (Ex: employee, key employee, Asst. Mgr, Manager, GM)

Benefits of Management

  • Ease of access to historical schedules, labor costs, staff documentation and shift highlights
  • Reduce time-to-schedule by 75%
  • Improved labor savings
  • Paperless process in receiving staff requests and schedule changes
  • Heightened communication
  • Increased employee retention

Features of Employees

  • Review permanent availability set by managers (Example: Always available Tuesdays and Thursdays after 5:30 p.m.)
  • Message other employees or managers via the HotSchedules mailbox
  • Trade or swap shifts with other employees who share your job code (Requires manager approval)
  • Request schedule preferences (i.e. time off/ shifts or days preferred) online or by phone
  • Instant notification of manager accepted shift changes through SMS text message, email or by phone.
  • Access active phone lists of employees of the same job code (Permission-based and at manager's discretion)
  • Access employee schedules online, through SMS text message, email or our employee mobile applications for iPhone and BlackBerry.
  • Review schedule by in-time, projected out-time, job code or section, station or location (Example: 5:00pm, Server, Sec C)
  • Access schedules through our automated English-Spanish phone service 24/7

Benefits of Employees

  • Up-to-date and accurate schedules
  • Access to schedules by Web, email, SMS text message or mobile device
  • Increased flexibility of time
  • Enhanced communication

Features of Regional Managers/Corporate Executives

  • Above store reporting including actual vs. forecasted sales variance, schedules and actual vs. schedules labor expense
  • Multi-unit login for regional managers
  • Labor and sales forecasting
  • Quarterly labor management best practice webinars
  • Corporate preloads and surveys for communication by region, store or job codes

Benefits of Regional Managers/Corporate Executives

  • Increased communication
  • Improved employee retention
  • Standardized labor management system
  • Reduction in labor costs

Service & Support

Choosing the right technology provider is as much about quality of service as it is about the product. Not only scheduling software is sold but complete restaurant labor management solutions are also provided by them. The high-quality service is essential to the success of a project that delivered by them and the fostering of a long-standing client partnership.

For managing your employee scheduling software installation, your HotSchedules account manager and project manager will be responsible before HotSchedules’s trainers step in to provide your staff with the level of 'know-how' they will need to make the most from your investment. Beyond 'go-live', their devoted support team is just a phone call or e-mail away to resolve any issues that may arise.

Client support

Its support services team will help you with any questions or problems you may encounter if once you have begun using HotSchedules' employee scheduling solution. By a dedicated support line, email or online chat, their service team is available, dependent on product subscription offerings.


On-site, centralized or web-based training is offered by them for their restaurant employee scheduling solution (depending on the application) to ensure that all users are contented working with the software. HotSchedules Team, workers and Enterprise users can arrange special training seminars.

Labor management advice

Your business needs can be discussed in detail by HotSchedules with a wide range of knowledge and best practices in restaurant labor management and counsel on how best to communicate with and leverage your workforce as a valuable resource.

Account management

For giving you complete client satisfaction, your implementation will be discussed, supervised and appraisal by HotSchedules' highly-experienced project managers. A dedicated account manager will be accessible as your primary contact.

Software customization for enterprise clients

HotSchedules knows that every company has its own unique requirements and business rules, and that no two are similar. Thus, the built-in flexibility is provided by their restaurant labor management which you need to tailor it to your business. They will be happy to help if you decided that a higher degree of customization is required to meet your requirements or to suit your existing work practices by your solution. Labor Proforma, Labor Matrices, Sales Forecasting, and Labor Forecasting are included in Software customization features.

Why only HotSchedules?


The concept of web-based employee scheduling was pioneered over 10 years ago by them. Restaurant managers co-founded HotSchedules from industry-leading restaurant concepts.

Innovative technology

To meet the needs of over 300,000 users that rely on their technology every day, their cutting-edge restaurant employee scheduling solutions are continued to develop by HotSchedules. Automatic updates are offered by HotSchedules to ensure that all of their clients are familiar with its latest software updates and enhancements.

Client satisfaction

They go above and beyond to ensure that their clients are completely satisfied. Hotschedules gives guarantee that the immediate benefits will be seen by you in time savings and are proud to report that it has enjoyed a 99% client retention rate in the 10 years it has been in business.

How to Login to Hotschedules for restaurant labor management?

1. Open the website www.Hotschedules.com
2. Click on “Client login” option which is given on the right side of the page.
3. Get the new page, enter your user id and password, and click on arrow.


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