www.multiply.com: sign up and sign in to store & store photos & videos

Www.multiply.com is a social networking website like Facebook and MySpace. On this site, users can create, share and discuss blogs, photos, videos and music with friends and others as well as post reviews and comment of movies and books, or also sharing a calendar of events in all over the word. To get started all these things at one place, the users need to sign up and sign in on Multiply.

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www.multiply.com: sign up and sign in to store & store photos & videos

This social network services was started in March 2004. The company is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. Users can get their own pages to add all their favorite personal digital content like videos, music, calendars and blogs. On multiply, they can invite their contact lists from other sites like Yahoo, Myspace, Hotmail and Bebo. By inviting friends and family, you have build up a network once and than you can start picking and choosing the method of sharing your digital content with the network.

Multiply have more than 11 million registered users. Like Facebook, the site has news feeds, so you will alerted immediately, whenever new digital content is added to your network. On the digital content, users can set permissions for control what is shared with their network. They are also enables to set filters for what they receive in their news feeds from other people in their network. As an example, uses can decide to view only grandma’s photo content. And, they can set permissions so grandma can only view their blog entry content.

How to create New Multiply Account?

Join for this social network service is free and very easy it takes only few seconds.

Go on Multiply www.multiply.com, where you have create your new Multiply User ID which must be at least 4 characters, then enter password and some personal details like your first and last name, your e mail address, select birth date and gender, once you have completed, then submit it by clicking on Register.

Sign in Multiply Account

Those, who have already a Multiply User ID, are enables to sign in at www.multiply.com,

  • Visit 'sign in' option given on the top, right corner side of the page,
  • Enter User ID and Password,
  • Click on Sign in

Once you Sign in, then Multiply allows you, upload your first photo album, or uses an import tool if already have photos on-line at Shutterfly, Flickr, Photobucket, Kodak Gallery, Windows Live Spaces, Snapfish, Facebook, Picasa or Any Web Page, set your headshot and give a face to your name, customize your site, select a theme and make it yours, connect with Friends and Family to see what they are sharing, install the AutoUploader and never wait for an upload again


AutoUploader is software that automatically uploads your latest photos and videos to Multiply. It runs on Adobe AIR to ensure universal compatibility.

Media Locker:

Multiply Media Locker is a fully private area of your Multiply site where the AutoUploader stores the media it uploads.

Multiply is the great place to share, store and create your most loved memories.

  • Share your photos, videos and more safely, and get your friends and family discussing these.
  • Store your media permanently, in full resolution, and easily organize and edit your collection.
  • Create beautiful print products, like photo books, calendars, cards and more.

Multiply Features:

1. Create Your Own Convenient Website

You can create, customize and promote your Multiply site, which allows you share everything like your blog, videos, photos, safely in one place. Get your own web address. Choose a professional theme. Change the colors. Make it yours.

2. Easy Uploading

For a quick post use drag-and-drop uploading, but if you want to get your photos and videos onto Multiply, then the AutoUploader is the best way. Set it. Forget it. And never wait for an upload again.

3. Keeps in Touching

Multiply Inbox allows your friends and family knows when you have posted something new and also keeps them updated when replies are added. This keeps everybody in the circle, which keeps the discussion flowing.

4. Automatic, Permanent Archiving

Multiply stores the original full-size versions of your photos and videos unlike other services. It’s Premium and the AutoUploader makes Multiply the ideal archiving and safekeeping solution for all of your valuable memories.

5. Robust Privacy Options

On Multiply, you can set your privacy options on an item-by-item basis to photos, blogs, posts and videos. For example: blog for the whole world, post photos for friends-of-friends, or share a video with just a person or two.

6. Custom Photo Books, Calendars, Cards and Prints

Multiply is the great social networking site that offers the photo printing and photo-management tools for turning your photos into amazing print products. You can also try it out before registering.

For more information and get started with Multiply now, visit www.multiply.com


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