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Www.sistic.com.sg is the official website of SISTIC, one of the largest ticketing service providers in Singapore. Since December 1991, SISTIC offers pioneering ticketing services and licensing its ticketing solution STiX from 2003. Through a ticket distribution network, SISTIC is selling its tickets in wide variety of art, entertainment and sports events with the purpose of expansion of its services beyond Singapore in countries like Malaysia and Indonesia.

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Ticket Technology:

STiX is a web-based and customer-oriented ticketing service which is offered by SISTIC. SISTIC also gives its ticketing service to companies, event promoters and venues under a licensing arrangement. Events held at different performing places in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong and China have used STiX.

Ticket Protector

With the help of Ticket Protector, you can insure your ticket against bought in unexpected situations like if you fall ill on the day of your favourite band's concert. The unused ticket value and booking fee (excluding handling fee) will be refunded when you book tickets online.

Mondial Assistance (Asia) Pte. Ltd. Offers Ticket Protector. Tokio Marine Insurance Singapore Ltd underwrites the ticket protector tool, with services provided by Mondial Assistance. SISTIC is not responsible for any loss, damage and expense related to Ticket Protector.

In case, if your tickets are lost or stolen then you should prepare the following information before calling SISTIC's Customer Service Officer(s) at +65 6348 5555 for assistance in order to expedite resolutions to lost/stolen tickets.

  1. Event title
  2. Date and venue of purchase
  3. Mode of payment
  4. SISTIC account number
  5. Number of tickets purchased
  6. Name and NRIC/FIN number

Only tickets for reserved seating can be replaced for a service fee of $5.00 per ticket. Lost / Stolen General Admission (GA) tickets cannot be replaced.

How to book a ticket?

For online booking at sistic.com.sg:

To book an online ticket, just use your ID and password and login at sistic.com.sg and if you are using this for the first time then, you have to see the "Customer Information Page", update your details and make a booking. For more information you can also call at (65) 6348-5555.

There are three ways to book a ticket by Hotline, internet, or authorized agents at anytime, anyplace.

By Hotline:

To provide advice and handle all customers’ inquiries, SISTIC’s staff of Hotline services is professionally well-trained. The gold and silver awards have been won by the staff of call center in 2004. The SPRING Singapore’s Excellent service Award was also won by the staff of SISTIC in 2005 and 2006. To book a ticket, call at 6348 5555. Only Master Card, Visa, Amex and Diners Club Credit Cards are acceptable.

By Internet:

To book a ticket online is easy, secure as well as convenient mode. With the use of Internet, The current listing of events and the latest online deals and news can be known.

By Authorized Agents:

More than 25 Authorized agents have been appointed by SISTIC in convenient locations island wide including 3 in Malaysia and 1 in Indonesia to serve the customers. And day by day, the number of authorized agent is still increasing.

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