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Verizon Communications is an American broadband and Telecommunications Company and a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Verizon's Web site is on No.1 position among the sites of 10 telecommunications providers. According to a recent study conducted by The Customer Respect Group, this position has been achieved after providing a satisfying set of online tools for doing business with the company. The study focused on online account management in “My Verizon Sign In” at My Account.

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It was established in 1983 as Bell Atlantic as part of the 1984 AT&T breakup into seven Baby Bells. Before conversion into Verizon, in 1997, Bell Atlantic had merged with another Regional Bell Operating Company, NYNEX. Finally, the new "Verizon" brand was launched on April 3, 2000.

Www.verizon.com is an official website of Verizon broadband and Telecommunications Company. To manage an online account in Verizon is very easy and it’s a great facility for us of paying bills, viewing statements from up to 12 months back and many more!

Verizon provides three types of services such as wireless service, residential service and business service. In Verizon Wireless facility, it provides Wireless service, devices and accessories. In Verizon residential service, it provides TV, Internet and landline phone for your home. And in Verizon business facility, it provides Services and tools for all your business needs.

Following is the process of managing an online account:

First of all, once you have to register your account at its website. After registration, you will be given a unique ID and password by Verizon. Then, you can do all things online in a moment by signing in. The things you can do are paying online bill, viewing current or past bills, set up automatic payments and add or change services.

Now, you can manage your online account by signing in the official website of Verizon. Here, the first site is for cell phones, the second is for home service and third is for business service.

Secondly, when you do sign in before that you will notice along the top of the page a red bar going across the whole screen. On red bar there will be options like Phones and Accssesories, Plans, Entertainment & Apps., etc. And at last there will be an option of 'My Verizon'. Click on My Verizon option.

Third step, after clicking on My Verizon option, you will be asked to enter your number. Enter your number and then press continue bar. Also, make sure that you have the phone for the number you entered with and on.

The subsequent step is little but has more importance. In this step, you will be asked that if you are the account owner or an account member. Each line on your account, if more than one, will have the ability to open its own my verizon account. There is a condition that only one account owner allowed per account. It will allow to only one per account to view bills, make payments, view calls, etc. The rest will only be capable of dealing with matters pertaining only to that phone not the entire account like the account owner. If you are the account owner make sure you chose: "Yes, I am the account owner".

After that you will be asked to verify some information on the account and to create a user ID and accept the terms and conditions. If once this will be completed then click on continue.

In this step, you should enter your phone no because the website is going to send you a temporary password which you must enter. If once you do it then, you will ask to create your own password and create a secret question. And if once you remain continue then you are in and on your way to having complete control over your account.


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