DSLExtreme Webmail - Login & Access Tips for Dslextreme.com

Www.dslextreme.com is the official website of DSL Extreme, a leading provider of high-speed and traditional Internet services. It was founded in May 1999 at Los Angeles. Throughout the United States, a suite of online products and services for consumer and business customers is offered by DSL Extreme.

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DSLExtreme Webmail - Login & Access Tips for Dslextreme.com

DSL and dial-up service, Web hosting and data circuits, with superior quality connectivity and minimal drop-off is included in services of DSL Extreme. Across the country, the DSL Extreme network has tens of thousands of clients in over twenty-one major metropolitan areas. The easiest way to view your email is Web Mail. Go to http://www.DSLExtreme.com/Webmail by using your web browser. After that, login to your account to see any email on the server, and send email. By using this option, users can check their email from anywhere or get internet access, without having to download or configure an email client.

User can avoid good mail going into spam folder in Webmail, for that they have to Login in your DSL Extreme Webmail account by going to http://www.dslextreme.com/Webmail. Now, click on ‘Settings’ option located at the top, right hand side of the page. After that, click on the Filters tab and create a new filter link. In the ‘From’ option write the email address (EXAMPLE: username@domain.com) or just the domain if you receive email from multiple people on the same sending system (EXAMPLE: @domain.com) and click on ‘Next Step’ option.

Now, choose ‘Never send it to Spam’ option and a list will appear below to show you which emails will be effect by this filter. Click on ‘the Create Filter’ button, if users are satisfied with the filter. User will be taken back to the filter list after completing this procedure. Now, go to the Spam folder situated on the left side and find any emails that may already be marked as spam and check the boxes on the left side of the subject. It is advisable to take care when implementing filters to check their performance in Webmail for a few days to ensure the actually operating as you anticipated.

For setting e-mail forwarding, first logon to www.DSLExtreme.com/Webmail and click on "Settings" option given on the upper right hand corner. Now, click on "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab and choose the "Forward a copy of incoming mail to..." option. After that, enter e-mail address in which you want to forward your mail. Now, choose what action you would like DSL Extreme to take with the e-mail on its server and click on "Save Changes" option given at the bottom of the page.

Following are the features of DSL Extreme:

  • Edit your Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Rules
  • Manage your Address Book
  • Setup Forwarding and Vacation Messages
  • Browse your Messages
  • View your Mailbox Usage

Source: https://www.dslextreme.com/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=/Webmail/Default.aspx


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