Northcentral University: Login to Learners Portal at

Prescott Valley, Arizona based Northcentral University is accredited online university. is official website of Northcentral University. Northcentral University provides valuable bachelor, master and doctoral degrees programs in business, education, psychology, and human services. Northcentral University also offers online degree for working students.

Northcentral University: Login to Learners Portal at

In the year 1996, Northcentral University was founded which has an open enrollment admission policy. Rockbridge Growth Equity, the private investment equity firm owns the university. At Northcentral University, you can earn the degree which you want in your way. Student can apply for any degree course from university official website. They provide full faculty support. The Higher Learning Commission regionally accredits Northcentral. It is member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Regional accreditation is the most valued and recognized, whether a school is online or campus-based. Their accreditation is a higher education seal of endorsement for graduate schools, employers and for you.

Students can search and join the Northcentral networks and groups which can be found on these free online social media outlets: Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn. Once you join the Northcentral, you can share news, make a comment, post a class note, read about an event, and ask a question.

Northcentral University also offers online degree programs for busy adults. Northcentral University’s faculty mentoring offers personal help when you need it. Online bulletin boards are communication hub where you can post and receive messages. At chat rooms, students can discuss on course related topics. Email provides you access to professors and colleagues. Thus, learner can save their time and travel costs while earning their degree. The Faculty Mentors, Academic Advisors and Librarians provide online assistance to enhance your education experience and reach your academic goals.

Northcentral University degree programs:

  • Bachelor's Degrees program includes: Behavioral and Health Sciences program in Psychology BA, Business and Technology Management program in Accounting, Applied Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Homeland Security, Management, Marketing and Education program in Education BEd.
  • Master's Degrees program includes: Psychology MA, Marriage and Family Therapy MA, Business and Technology Management, and other education program.
  • Doctoral Degrees program includes: Psychology PhD program includes Gender Diversity, General Psychology, Health Psychology, Industrial Organizational Psychology. Marriage and Family Therapy PhD program includes Child and Adolescent Therapy, Couple Therapy, General Family Therapy, Medical Family Therapy, Therapy with Military Families, Business and Technology Management degrees. Business and Technology Management includes DBA and Phd degrees. Education program includes EdD and PhD degrees.

Online learner:

Day to day the number of the online degree earning students are increased. The online programs improve your ability to move ahead with your education aims and also maintain your lifestyle. While you take classes, you can work full time. You can plan your schedule for study without avoiding personal obligations. Through online service, share in a global experience while you study from wherever you access the internet. They provide specially trained first-rate professors for learning online instruction.

Northcentral is regionally accredited at the most respected and recognized level awarded for either online or campus-based universities, so Northcentral degree will be received by both graduate schools and employers. Accreditation is your online university approval’s seal. For quality, Accreditation agencies evaluate colleges, universities and educational programs. For constant progress, they assess their efforts.

Library of Northcentral University:

Northcentral University’s library offers sophisticated searchable databases which include full-text articles and abstracts of leading publications in fields related to all degree programs. In addition, interlibrary loans provide you access to books and individual publications from hundreds of libraries countrywide. The library is resourceful that restraining a variety of tools which allow you to place important and related publications and articles. The librarians are always available for helping you to find available publications online or through interlibrary loans.

Virtual Bookstore:

Online bookstore of Northcentral University provides you online book can locate your course number, order books and course materials, and pay online using a credit card. The University’s online bookstore also has a large list of used books, when courses are completed they buy back many textbooks. By Federal Express, UPS or the U.S. Postal Service, all textbooks and course materials are sent directly to you.

The Writing Center:

On the Writing Center, you can find support materials and writing assistance, plus the Northcentral Writing Process, a five-stage approach that helps you for master academic writing through focus, development, organization, style and conventions.

Dissertation Center of Northcentral University:

The university has support center which help you to increase a dissertation of the highest standard. They offer easy access guides, and a general idea of dissertation structure. For each school, they provide a section that provides discipline detailed updates and helpful information describing each dissertation process.

Learner Web Portal:

Northcentral University's Learner website is your individual degree program command center. At Learner Web Portal, learner (student) can request for information, make payment of tuition, communicate with Faculty Mentors, Academic Advisors and other University staff, post completed assignments in your online course rooms, access syllabus and learning materials for current courses, keep in touch with other Learners through discussion boards and chat rooms, view Faculty Mentor reviews of your work, and grade postings, visit the bookstore and library, and access writing programs, view Faculty Mentor reviews of your work, and grade postings, and access academic program updates and support services.

Student can use the Learner Portal after creating and login. If you are first time user and you have not created an account yet, you require creating your own account on learner portal site. If you are already registered on the learner portal, you just need to enter your login name and passphrase (password). You can not reuse your secure passphrase for 365 days. Every 90 days, your passphrase will expire. So they remind you before two weeks of expire. When your passphrase has expired, you will not be granted access to the Compass system until you have successfully reset it. On the Learner Portal webpage, you also see or print your IRS Form 1098-T by clicking o provided IRS Form 1098-T link.

Screenshot of Northcentral University's Learner Portal login page

Northcentral University: Login to Learners Portal at

To login on Learner Web Portal:

  • Visit the website of Learner Portal ( of Northcentral University 
  • Enter login name and passphrase

To create account on Learner Web Portal:

  • Go at Learner Portal website (
  • Click on create account link
  • Enter your valid email address you have on file at the university.
  • Enter your pin number that given to you at activation time.
  • Then provide your login name, minimum eight character passphrase and then retype your passphrase.


Learner Web Portal has also another individual feature of ePortfolio that allows you to arrange, store and display a wide variety of your work such as written documents, photos, spreadsheets, graphics and references to other Web sites. For a selected set of materials, build in a variety of views, and create specific password protected showcases for friends, family, employers, faculty and others to review your work, you can set an ePortfolio Briefcase.

The university has experienced advisors can help guide your course selections and keep you on track for degree completion. Northcentral graduates share their experiences to help you better understand our benefits and plan your own academic success.



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