Yamuna Expressway Residential Scheme Details

The Yamuna Expressway Authority, which was previously known as the Taj Expressway Authority, has declared about major scheme for the draw of plots. According to The chairman of Yamuna Expressway Authority, Lalit Srivastav, total of 4,350 plots. He also said that the bigger plots will be placed right on both sides of the highway and the scheme will be spread over 19-kilometer area from greater Noida up to Noloni Shahpur near Javer. This scheme was opens on March 2, 2009 and will be closed on May 2, 2009. The draw will be held on August 10.

yamuna expressway residential scheme

The authority has declared a draw which is the first large residential draw of plots scheme that, 8,350 plots put up for the draw.Out of that 8,350 plots 5,000 put in the 300 square meter category, 2,000 in the group of 500 square meter, 1,000 place in the group of 1,000 square meter, 250 in the group of 2,000 square meter  and 100 place in the category of 4,000 square meter. About 17.5% of the plots are set aside for farmers.

Lalit Srivastava who is the authority chairman said said that the prices have been decided on the basis of current market situation in real estate.He also said that, in any case, the base area ratio for construction on residential plots will be 1.5. While 50% area of the land can be roofed in case of the superior plots, 60% will be acceptable to be covered on smaller ones. But, this is a scheme for the applicant who want to live in it and for single units per plot.

Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority announce residential plot scheme March- 2009

The brochure containing application form of Rs. 500/- can be taken from any bank branches listed below from 5th March 2009.

Details of Plot given below:

Category of Plots: A, Plot Size: 4000 meter, Total Plots: 100, Registration Amount: 5,00,000

Category of Plots: B, Plot Size: 2000 meter, Total Plots: 250,  Registration Amount: 3,00,000

Category of Plots: C, Plot Size: 1000 meter, Total Plots: 1000,  Registration Amount: 2,50,000

Category of Plots: D, Plot Size: 500 meter, Total Plots: 2000,  Registration Amount: 2,00,000

Category of Plots: E, Plot Size: 300 meter, Total Plots: 5000,  Registration Amount: 1,00,000

Under this residential scheme the rate of land for the plot: @ Rs. 4750 per sq mtr.

Application Forms can be taken from the following bank braches :

AGRA: HDFC bank, sanjay place. * Bank of India, Belan Gang, * Bank of Baroda, MG Marg.

Aligarh: HDFC bank Ramghat Road, *Allahabad Bank Railway road.

Allahabad: HDFC bank Civil lines, * Bank of India Main Brach.

Bareilly : HDFC Bank, Civil Lines.

Bulandshahr: HDFC Bank, DM Road, AXIXS Bank Civil Lines.

Chandigarh: HDFC Bank Sec-17C.

Dehradun : Bank of India, Ghantaghar.

Faridabad: HDFC Bank NIT, Allahabad Bank, NIT.

Firozabad: HDFC Bank Agra Road.

Ghaziabad: HDFC Bank Indirapuam, Bank of India G.T. Road , State bank of India, Vasundhra, *Allabhad bank Wright Gang,.

Greater Noida : HDFC Bank Alpha commercial belt. * Bank of India, Sector- Beta-II, * AXIS Bank Alpha commercial below. * State bank of India Lagerstroemia shopping complex, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Sec-Gamma-I, * Bank of Baroda, Sec-Gamma-II, * Canara Bank, Sec-Gamma, * Bank of Maharastra sec, Alpha.

Gurgaon : HDFC Bank, sec-53, * AXIS bank sec-14,

Gorakhpur: HDFC Bank, Bank road.

Haldwani: HDFC Bank Nanital Road.

Jaipur: HDFC Bank Siddi Vinyak Ashok Marg.

Kanpur: HDFC Bank, Civil Lines, AXIS Bank, The mall road.

Lucknow : HDFC Bank, 38, Darbari Lal Sharma Marg, *Bank of India, 1, Naval Kishore Road, Allahabad Bank Hazartgang.

Mathura: HDFC Bank, Opp BSA College, * Bank of India, Kotwali Road, State Bank of India, Main branch.

Mahamayanagar (Hathras): HDFC Bank, agra aligarh road

Meerut: HDFC Bank, near RG College, Allahabad Bank, Meerut Authority, *AXIS Bank, Civil Lines.

Moradabad: HDFC Bank, Main Lajpat Nagar.

New Delhi: HDFC Bank, M-39, CP. * Union Bank of India, F-Block, C.P, * Union bank of India, Shalimar Bagh. * Union bank of Inida, Moti bagh Opp hyatt, * Bank of India, PTI Bldg, Parliament street, * Bank of India Lajpat Nagar-III, *AXIS Bank Karkardooma, * AXIS Bank, Tilak Nagar, * AXIS Bank, Vasunt Kunj, *Bank of Baroda, Nehru Place,.

Noida : HDFC Bank, sec-18, Union bank of India, Sec-62, *AXIS Bank, Sec-18, * Allahabad Bank, Sec-10, Oriental bank of commerce, Sec-27, *ABN Amro Bank, Sec-18.

Varanasi: HDFC Bank, Rathyatra Crossing.

For Farmers Category, Bank Brach: Greater Noida, HDFC Bank, C-1, Alpha Plaza, Alpha Commercial Belt

Scheme Opens : 02-03-2009

Scheme Close : 02-05-2009

Tentative Draw: 10.08.2009

Where to Pay in Delhi Sir I

Where to Pay in Delhi
Sir I have been aloted a 300 sqr mtr plot and by 21st jan 2010 acordind to alotment letter I have to pay in Bank of India gr. Noida Branch. So My question is Can I Deposit the amount some where in Delhi. Please Let me know? Rajeev Kashyap. rajkash@aol.in 9873155322.

This is the last opportunity

This is the last opportunity to have a king size life. Until now no where in NCR any scheme has offered such big plots. This will attract maxium premium in coming time.

Anybody intersted in buying or selling big size of plots 4000, 2000 & 1000. Please contact me rajeevneo@hotmail.com



I want to check the status of

I want to check the status of my Application form, How will i check the Form status.



I would like to know that the

I would like to know that the draw has been taken placed or still extended to new date.pls inform on naveenagarwal33@yahoo.co.in

Yes it is a very good scheme

Yes it is a very good scheme all the best to all the applicants though i missed the train and did not apply. hard luck.

i would like to know whether

i would like to know whether my form has been accepted or not, is there any list of the candidates applied for the scheme.

please intimate on jitender82yadav@gmail.com

As long as Mayawati

As long as Mayawati corruption is not there, everybody will be getting their allotment. Others who missed out on this need not worry. Pay about Rs 500 sq mt premium around Diwali, and get a POA transfer on it.
To know more about Yamuna Expressway (YEIDA), join the following Google Group: groups.google.com/group/yeida

how can i check that my

how can i check that my forms is submitted for this scheme or not rnnarang@hotmail.com

shariman chairmanji agar aap

shariman chairmanji agar aap 300sq.m.ke plots size ko 250 sq.m.ya 200sq.m.kar diya jaya to sabi 300sq.m.wale applicant ko plot mil sakte hai.draw kab hoga please reply date and place. application no.48839 category E.

rohit_jha087@yahoo.co.in.plz contact me at this mail id.

It is ok to say that in the

It is ok to say that in the brocher it was indicated that number of plots may increse, that is to say that increse/decrease may be 10 %, but once the variation is so much, it is best to re- invite applications or to allot as per the announced scheme and subsequently start the fresh process for remaining plots. Think ? why people of scred of uttar pradesh, only because nothing logical happens.

What happened at NOIDA? Please take note.

10% +/- variation will be on

10% +/- variation will be on size of plot not on number of plot

please read again

I think this is the right

I think this is the right case for refering to the CBI enquiry for the largest public fraud in India.

If there is substantial increase in the number of the plots, it has to be notified to the public and chance be given to Public for applying afresh. How can authorities keep the applications same and increase the number of plots many fold. why do they want to take away the right of the public to apply against the increased number.

I request the authorities to take note of this messagge and stop any draw of lots, call additonal applications from the public and then go for the draw. if the authorities avaid doing this, they can not esacape very long litigation, criminal conspiracy and public fraud charges.

Please go thru the

Please go thru the brochure,it was clearly mentioned in it that number of plot may increase in future.when you have not applied than why are you annoyed? Mil nahi raha to rayta kyon faila rahe ho? Khisiyani billi khamba noche.

Will YEIDA draw be thru

Will YEIDA draw be thru computerised draw or manual draw of lot. Plz confirm

Will the date of draw be

Will the date of draw be extended..It was supposed to be held on 10th August

Any Idea, weather the

Any Idea, weather the authority will be inviting more application since the nuber of plots are increased from 8000 to 39000. Amit



Below is the time line of

Below is the time line of events:

1) When I started this group on May 27th, 2009 after reading a HT
article which said the number of applicant is 23,650 as of May 13,

2) The scheme closes on May 15th, 2009. We were expecting the total
number to be around
24 - 26 K.

3) On June 15, 2009, We came accross the RFP which put the total
number of applicant to be 43K. ( At this point, we have about 20K
backdoor entries).

4) By July 04, 2009, the total number of application reaches 46K and
the number of 300 SQM Plots jumps to 28K from 5K (note the difference
of 23K).

From the above observation, it is quite clear to me that after the
scheme closing date, the authority has been accepting application in
thousands thru backdoor ( about 21K more application from June 15th).
It is safe to assume, that those 21K guys will get preferential

It is evident from the fact, that YEA is forced to increase the
number of plots which can never happen without political pressure. So
we have 21K to 23K Mayawati cronies / supporters targeting 300 SQM
plots, who will be getting sure allotments from this scheme.

I am sure, someone from YEIDA / UP Govt. will be reading this as well
so I am bring this to this public forum.

Let us know what you guys think.

how can i check that my forms

how can i check that my forms is sumitted for this scheme or not.

my form application no-18648

my form application no-18648

Aligarh,Mathura and GB Nagar

Aligarh,Mathura and GB Nagar will be like Delhi now and with so much housing needed we will see big builders like parsvanath and omaxe enter Aligarh soon once expressway starts..
When will Expressway land work start on NH 91 in Aligarh?

G-11860 01/05/09 mayur vihar

mayur vihar phase -2

how can i check that my name

how can i check that my name is in the draw.

If you would like to discuss

If you would like to discuss Yamuna Expressway and the latest YEIDA township, feel free to join this google group at
Take care,
Arnab Mukherjee

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The authority has announced

The authority has announced increase in no. of plots from about 7000 to 33,000. Would you please let me know whether the authority proposes to invite applications for allotment of plots from the Public again in addition to those who applied earlier.

pls confirm if number of

pls confirm if number of plots have been increased ,if so whats the last date of applying. and no. of plots in each category.

The number of plot is 34k

The number of plot is 34k (the biggest draw ever in NCR history) however the last date was May 15, 2009. So you will have to wait for the next scheme of Yamuna Expressway. I dont think it will come anytime soon. But you never know....

want to check that my form is

want to check that my form is submitted for this scheme so how can i?

yes i wanna know that my nama

yes i wanna know that my nama is for the draw or not

It is a very good scheme

It is a very good scheme however very few people understands the basics of investing...

Very true. The new generation

Very true. The new generation of migrant student will study in Gautam Buddha University and 20000 other institutes and make YEIDA and south of YEIDA their new home. South Delhi will have a similar fate of Chandni Chowk. Very central however filthy and over crowded. So GO SOUTH EAST. You will be better off in next 20-30 years.

All places near Delhi like

All places near Delhi like Aligarh,Agra and Mathura will now experience rapid development and a real estate boom....
Small towns have loads of disposable income and this is where all the investement should be....


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