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I Love Money is the game on television reality show currently transmitted by VH1. The exhibition was created The Surreal Life executive producers Mark Cronin and Cris Abrego. Contestants in this series are the first two seasons at Flavor Of Love, I Love New York Rock and love, and are competing in physical and mental problems, may try to win 250000 dollars. Production of I love Money episodes are began in early February 2008 and concluded in March 2008. The exhibition is organized in collaboration with J. Craig Jackson.

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With the recent completion of Love Rock and Flavor Of Love, VH1 has fools of competing at these two shows, then mix in a lot of I Love New York, and boil their new reality series I Love Money. The new show pits men and women to each other in the mad fight for a win, 250000 dollars.

VH1 published this super trailer with 5 minutes to madness. There are a lot of eating, fighting, fighting for prices, team challenges, and then the actual competition! In addition, there is their own bikinis, bare chests, boards shorts, sandals, crying, fighting for children, clashes between team members, punching, digging, shout, cry more, more cry, sharing beds, exchange Showers and falls from heights, you can ' I came to the fine people at VH1 Reality.

Cast of I love money show vh1

  • Craig J. Jackson - Host
  • Lee Marks - Mr. Boston
  • Nicole Alexander - Hoopz
  • Frank Maresca - The Entertainer
  • Joshua Gallander - Whiteboy
  • Ahmad Givens - Real
  • Cindy Steedle - Rodeo
  • Kamal Givens - Chance
  • Heather Chadwell - Heather
  • David Amerman - 12 Pack

I love money show vh1 Episods List

  1. A Very 'Short Trip'
  2. Only the Weak Survive
  3. Heat's a Crowd
  4. Bamboozlin' Gone Bad
  5. Cry Me a River
  6. The Blonde Leading the Blonde
  7. The Good, The Bad, And the Confused?
  8. Watch Your Back
  9. Drunk with Power
  10. Pole Riders in the Sky

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I love money show vh1 wiki information

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I Love Money @ is the best

I Love Money @ is the best show out right now... I love the host Craig Jackson... He was in Sacramento Ca on saturday helping out with the host auditions for UpAllNite.TV... he has such positive atmosphere... he said that he'll try and keep up with his fans on UpAllNite.TV.. i hope so...

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